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Exclusive: One On One With Dredw

Born Winfred Ametepe in Accra, Ghana. Dredw has finessed his way to the light with big-name production details, names that have morphed him into a favorite. For Imullar, we spoke about some of the experiences, trying new sounds, and balancing production with DJing. 

You started making beats as a hobby which morphed into a business venture later, what was your childhood like? How accessible were music elements for you to consider it as a hobby back then?

Dredw: Definitely music elements, my dad used to play a lot of highlife music in his car, classic ones, ranging from Daddy Lumba to the rest, and anytime we rode together, I ended up picking up the songs in my head. In primary school, I liked the idea of reading music and all, so I copied the Fruity Loops software from my brother, got a laptop, and started making beats. Till the whole experience and journey landed me on a good path, I got exposed to the music industry, from meeting artists to working with them. You do this for long and it turns into a business venture with time, couple that with my passion and drive for the game and you have Dredw.

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You’ve worked with many artists and producers, namely Yaa Pono, E.L, Juls, Magnum, Mr. Eazi, and more. Can you share an intense moment from any of your sessions?

Dredw: Yes, actually this happened on the day we shot “Mariama”, featuring Ponobiom and Yarky. Pono showed up and for some reason left, so I had to book a space. The director had to stall everything for the second day just to shoot his part, but I ended up getting the chance to show a bit of my creative direction, tweaking some parts of the concept which ended up coming good. Overall, it was a pretty intense and fast-paced experience as Medikal had booked the space for the next day. The owner of the place really came through for me to make mine happen the second day and right after Medikal did his.. shouts to Micsmith! 

Your project with Essilfie is the first time working with a female vocalist for a joint project, what brought it to life? 

Dredw: I met Essilfie through a friend. She came to the studio and we started working on “So Sweet”. It became our first record and when we released it, we got pretty good reviews from it. We just figured why not finish a tape and release it, and that’s how we got “LUV LYF”. 

You co-produced with Afrolektra for Camidoh’s album, how was it like partnering with another producer?

Dredw: Feels great, I’ve known Lektra for a while now, a great producer & DJ, didn’t know he produced the album till it came out. I’ve collaborated with producers on beats so I’d love to do something with Afrolekra again and probably a more intimate one. “Addicted” is a personal favorite and I’d say one of my best productions ever. I’d love to beat that though, let’s see how it goes haha. Camidoh is a solid guy and we have good vibes. We texted a while ago and I was supposed to go to his studio. I owe him an apology haha.

You made your debut as a DJ months ago on the fast-rising UK radio, NoSignal, what’s the difference? And do you think every producer should know how to DJ?

Dredw: Yes, NoSignal! Big love to my big brother, DJ Scyther. Great DJ, he put me on there and it’s been a great and fun experience since. I was on Reprezent radio with Zacky too in London. It feels refreshing because personally, I love the concept of DJing, it’s like another form of production. So not just making it but playing it as well, it’s a plus for as a craft and hobby. Some producers just want to be producers and that’s understandable. But honestly being a DJ has definitely added a lot more value to my brand, The price has definitely gone up too.

As an artist, what next for Dredw?

Dredw: I want to drop another project, been working on some new stuff too, experimenting with sounds and all. It takes time but it’s worth it. I want to leave a bigger mark with this one. 

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