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Breakdown: Tori’s Lounge EP by Essilfie

On March 10, 2022, Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Essilfie released her debut project entitled “Tori’s Lounge.” Tori’s Lounge is described as a body of work embracing and relaying feelings associated with love. The EP centred on the concept of a love affair that took a bumpy ride providing listeners insight into who Essilfie is as an artist. Throughout the EP, listeners are guided through a journey where Essilfie comes to terms with her emotions as she processes her experiences with love.

As an EP, Tori’s Lounge carries a childish playfulness as Essilfie promotes the importance of vulnerability and introspectiveness. The project comprises five emotionally charged songs crafted in various genres with alternating vocal ranges, displaying Essilfie vocal prowess. IMULLAR caught up with Essilife to discuss the creation of Tori’s Longue and explore the content of the EP.

Q: Why the name Tori’s Lounge?

The project is called Tori’s Lounge because Tori is a name I was called when I was a kid. The name represents a version of me that people haven’t seen yet, but now I am putting it out to the world. So Tori represents the version of me that is not out yet and lounge represents how the music will make people feel.

Q: What was the inspiration behind the cover art?

Tori’s lounge captures the storyline of a love story. It captures the life cycle of a relationship. On the cover art, you can see a silhouette of me singing, and you can see a lounge setting. You can also see a man and a woman sitting and a man and a woman apart. It represents all the themes in the EP. Lounge, relationship, and heartbreak.


Q: How did the EP come about?

The idea of an EP came about three years ago. I had a few songs I had recorded, but I didn’t know which order to put them in. I decided to choose some of my most vulnerable songs, and some of the ones I was scared to put out. I just went with it. “Kae” is very recent, but then again most of the songs were in line with the memories I have lived and experienced.

Q: Can you break down each track featured on the EP?

Kae talks about how I want my lover to remember the good times we had despite the problems we may face. “Kae” in twi means remember.

Aben Woha
Is a naughty and steamy song, about two lovers having fun. There is a line in the song that says, “Promise me you won’t tell nobody.” It is like a sneaky link situation

Krokro Me
“Kro Kro Me” means pamper me in twi. The song speaks to treating me well or else you risk losing me to someone else.

Total Seduction
Total Seduction is about the art of love. The art of being wooed and swept up by love, and the thoughts around wondering if it is all real.

Tori’s Lounge
For Tori’s Lounge, all the instruments were played live. Tori lounge is the end of the love story. Where Tori wonders where and when everything when wrong as she tries to reconcile her feelings.

Q: What do you want listeners to take away from Tori’s Lounge?

Take away from the EP is being vulnerable is not a crime. Being emotional is not a crime. Living a little bit is not a crime. I recommend it, sometimes feel the end, but that is what keeps us alive. These emotions keep us alive, they keep us kicking and loving life.

Tori’s Lounge is available on all streaming platforms.

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