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5 Francophone songs that had me in a chokehold

I know for a fact that music is universal because why was I and still am singing songs in languages I don’t even understand?

Music is so much more than just being able to understand the words. It’s the distinctive instruments; clean production; catchy melody and more! And this is how I feel when I listen to Francophone songs from the heart of Africa.

So without further ado, let’s get into some of my favourite Francophone bangers that definitely had (and still have) me in a chokehold.

Sexion d’Assaut – Wati by Night

Shout out to my year 9 French teacher for putting me on! The crazy club scenes and the classic 2010s drip had Sexion d’Assaut overflowing with vibes. The group pranced their style with sick flows and a catchy hook. With Hip-hop being one of the many genres I enjoy, I instantly gravitated to this track on my first listen.

Magic System – 1er Gaou

So typical but there is no way I couldn’t mention this hit. The quartet hailing from Ivory Coast created waves when they dropped this banger in 2002. ‘Premier Gaou’ is a classic amongst many Africans and more. Can’t nobody tell me that this was not being played at hall parties? The intro would have everyone rushing to the dance floor if not there already. Honestly, ‘Premier Gaou’ is just such a nostalgic soundtrack for many.

Jessy Matador – Decale Gwada

Best believe I was bussing these same dance moves in the video anytime this song was played. I remember going through dance covers on Youtube during my break time looking at what else I could add to my moves.

Ramatoulye – Alhaji

Most of us know the deal only when this song is at least a minute in to hear the infamous repetition of “Alhaji” followed by what sounds like gongo drums. Nevertheless, waistlines are on gogo! It’s still hilarious to think how many people resonate with this song so much, they thought it originated from their country!

Aboutou Roots – La Blessure

This is definitely old-school but recently new to me. I’m annoyed that I didn’t know this song back when it dropped because it’s that fire! As we have all witnessed the impact Tiktok has had on the music industry and music in itself, this took TikTok by storm. I was obsessed when I heard it then & still am anytime I hear it now.

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