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Free The Youth launches its flagship store in Accra

Streetwear brand free the youth launched its flagship store today on liberation road, Accra. A pacesetting milestone for streetwear brands in Ghana.

The brand known for its popups launched its e-commerce website back in February 2021 to serve a wider audience base, a first step to what is been witnessed today. The flagship shop will serve as a retail store for everyday shoppers and more.

We caught up with some founding members kelly kurlz, @joey_lit & @kweku_maposh at the streetwear brand’s flagship store launch for some comments, and here’s what they had to say;

“This is just the Genesis 🤫 The sky is the limit .. FTY 2 da universe” – kellykurlz

“This is the first time a streetwear brand is having a flagship store launch in Ghana. This is a big one for the culture. This is just the beginning. Like I always say, Accra needs spaces for young people. Now that we have the store, you can expect more from us. Free The Youth to the World.” joey lit

“This is a  whole experience for Ghana. It hasn’t been easy all the way. We thank you for your support and don’t forget we are for the youth. THIS IS PAIN ON COTTON !!! – kweku_maposh 

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