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Top Picks: Tobe Nwigwe.

An artist who has forged his path in the music industry, Tobe Nwigwe has succeeded in making purpose popular through his uniqueness and ingenuity. Tobe never disappoints from his lyricism to creative direction; creating real art with a tightly knitted team.

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Fye Fye

Two things about Tobe Nwigwe. One, he’s going to put on a show. Secondly, he’ll do it alongside his kinfolk. Because of that, I have to give props to his wife, Fat, and LaNell ‘Nell’ Grant (friend & producer). Both Tobe & Fat’s energy is on 100 with crazy punchlines.

Caged Birds

‘Caged Birds’ has a solemn soul-filled touch with the addition of the saxophone. Tobe explores fatherhood, marriage, race, and his goal of making purpose popular through his music. Nell also features & glides smoothly on her verse.

Houston Tribute 2

Hailing from Houston, Texas, it’s only right Tobe pays homage; and he does just that. Giving props to the Houston rap legends such as Big Mo, Tobe talks about his life growing up in Houston and how things have changed since then. He also expresses how talented he is and proves it with his lyrical ability. Tobe holds it down.

Eat ft Fat

This title is befitting of what Tobe did on this track. But it’s the way he hypes Fat for me during her verse! Side note – I’ve also been loving the color coordinated set up of mint green which has been their aesthetic since the 2020 lockdown.


Sticking to the theme of the title, Tobe makes biblical allusions effortlessly flaunting his knack for lyricism and creative direction.

This For You

An empowering song with soul at the heart of it, Tobe preaches to his listeners with his savvy wordplay.

Clearing My Mind

At a time when explaining how we felt about continuous injustice (again) was tiring & difficult, Tobe puts into words emotions that are shared amongst the black community intelligently and lyrically. He clears his mind about the effect of injustice not only on him, but his kinfolk too.

What’s your best pick?

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