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Review: Bondzie – M3NSA

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Nine months ago, I spoke to M3NSA about his upcoming album titled Bondzie. All smiles and open to discuss the inspiration behind the new tape, M3NSA shared his innermost thoughts on social anxiety, experiences with imposter syndrome, and what he did differently on Bondzie.

Bondzie means speak up, let your voice be heard. I felt like now was a good time to speak up on things, not just social commentary but things that have been boiling within me and everything I am experiencing.


Back to the present day and Bondzie is finally here. Coming off the tenth-anniversary celebration of the critically acclaimed album “No. 1 Mango Street” M3NSA definitely got inventive with Bondzie.

“It is very contemporary and very now. Almost as if No.1 Mango Street was made in 2020 or 2021. It is really something special.”


“Bondzie” consists of 11 tracks with features from artists such as Wanlov The Kubolor, M.anifest, Efya, and Gasmilla. With three already released tracks: Forward, Question for the Gods, and Eyes but No Eyes, fans were taken on a reflective journey into the mind of M3NSA as he addresses real issues like burnout, complacency, love, and religion.

Offering a range of diverse sounds and overall delivery, ultimately infusing genres like funk, electronic, and house into this album with his hip hop heart, M3NSA creates a modern tribute to Ghanaian style hip hop. Let’s dive into these tracks!

Carry Go

M3NSA kickstarts the album with a track entitled “Carry Go.” Reflective of M3NSA musical journey thus far, “Carry Go” is filled with queries and bars challenging the average person’s view and interpretation of the things around us.


In “Forward,” M3NSA provides insightful words geared towards motivation on the path of growth. “Forward” is filled with little gems to help guide you through any rough patch. Packed with an upbeat tempo, M3NSA alternates between singing and spitting bars on this mellow track.

Take My Losses

One of my personal favorites, “Take My Losses” speaks to the difficulties associated with pursuing passions and dreams. 


On the track “BISA,” M3NSA teams up with the other half from the musical group FOKN Bois. “BISA” is all about seeking knowledge through asking questions.  

Healing Powers 

Giving listeners all the funk vibes in a single track, “Healing Powers” is an up-tempo track laced with rhythmic instrumentation from percussions to strings. 

Question For the Gods

M3NSA and M.ainfest have become a musical duo we never knew we needed. A track filled with witty yet playful questions that have crossed some of our minds. “Questions for The Gods” is a track bound to provoke thoughts and questions in the mind of their listeners.

Eyes But No Eyes

“Eyes but No Eyes” provides an introspective look into the world around us today, acknowledging present issues that are usually bypassed in society. M3NSA sheds light on the importance of staying in tune and aware.

Format (feat. M.anifest & Efya)

A dynamic trio, M3NSA, M.ainfest, Efya deliver a thought-provoking track tackling various qualms within society. Efya dazzles with her melodic vocals paired with a bar versus barfrom M3NSA and M.ainfest.


Moko Sané (feat. Gasmilla)

Tapping to the Ga culture, “Moko Sane” is a track sang completely in Ga about the pureness and innocence of love. The Gasmilla feature means the song is made even greater by his rhythmic rap flow coupled with M3NSA soulful vocals.

God Is Ghouled

Tackling the topic of religion. God is Ghouled can be described as a parody of the effects of religion on society. Ghouled versus Good. It isn’t a M3NSA record without some witty wordplay.

Measure My Love

“Measure My Love” is the last track on the tape notably serving as a perfect, soothing outro to end the highly spirited tape.

Staying true to the contemporary hip hop sound, Bondzie can be described as an album reflective of M3NSA’s journey of personal growth. M3NSA is an all-rounder. A rapper, songwriter, producer, and creative known for his eccentric blend of beats and fusion of genres. With this new tape, M3NSA reaffirms his position as a pioneer in defining Ghanaian contemporary hip hop sound. Overall, Bondzie is a true showcase of M3NSA’s growth within the music industry moreover the tape is a testament to the evolution of his craft.

Feel like floating? Listen to Bondzie below!

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