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ShaanCPT and Shaney Jay Collaborate On An Amapiano Track “Can’t Help It”

Cape Town’s very own ShaanCPT and Shaney Jay joined forces for the first time, presenting their debut Amapiano collaboration, “Can’t Help It“. This track marks the beginning of a promising partnership between the two talents. While the music video is currently in the works, the anticipation is growing for a visual spectacle to accompany the infectious beats.

ShaanCPT’s chart-topping success on multiple radio stations across the country laid a solid

foundation for this collaboration. Teaming up with two-time SAMA-nominated producer Shaney Jay adds a new dimension to ShaanCPT’s musical journey, showcasing a fresh sound to the masses.

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The refrain of “I can’t help it” in the song adds a catchy and relatable element, showcasing the duo’s ability to create music that resonates with a broad audience. The synergy between ShaanCPT’s magnetic vocals and Shaney Jay’s production expertise is expected to set a new standard in the Amapiano genre.

With the release of “Can’t Help It,” fans witness the first musical chapter of this dynamic collaboration between ShaanCPT and Shaney Jay. For both artists, this marks a significant milestone in their musical careers.

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