ArtistName Helena Sackey Title Conversation Year 2021 Dimentions 76.2 X 101cm scaled

Art Uncovered: Ama Sackey

Helena Nana Ama Sackey is a highly talented conceptual artist and painter from Takoradi, Ghana. With a deep-rooted passion for arts and crafts that began at a young age, she pursued her studies in this field at both the secondary and tertiary levels studying visual arts and Commercial Arts respectively. It was during the year 2020 that she embarked on her journey of painting abstract concepts and has grown since. 

Her art is about emotions that are triggered by what people experience in their immediate environment and socio-political happenings. A major inspiration for her paintings is Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period which is characterised by shades of blue and blue-green in sad and melancholy paintings.

Her work has been featured in international exhibitions such as Von der Motte in die (Germany), Jaguar Land Rover x Indelible Arts, Automania exhibition, Hamburg zeight kunst, Das Grobe Kreativfestiva (Germany ), and was shortlisted for the Kuenehia Prize Awards and Exhibition.

“My artistic style has undergone a transformation throughout the years. Initially, I focused exclusively on the blue series, during a period where I encountered challenges in depicting human skin. Over time, I have developed a skill for rendering human skin, which I now incorporate into my paintings.”

Speaking on the future of her art, she said “I have a plan to incorporate materials into my artworks. I also want to be a resident mainly because I don’t have that experience yet. It is also my ultimate dream to have a private studio in the near future”. 

Written by Emmanuel Paapa Quaicoe.

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