The Tolerance Poster Show by Jean Quarcoopome

The Tolerance Poster Show was an incredible exhibition curated by Jean Quarcoopome at the Diaspora Fine Arts gallery in Accra from the 9th to 25th June 2023. It featured posters from artists all over the world, each with their own unique take on what tolerance means to them. The posters varied in style, with some artists using creative fonts to express their ideas, while others used metaphorical images to represent tolerance. The exhibition was a great opportunity to see how different people from different cultures and backgrounds approach the same subject in their own unique ways.

Some posters had a very literal interpretation of the theme, others were more abstract, some were very colorful and playful, while others were more serious and thought-provoking. It was fascinating to see how different artists approached the same subject in such different ways.

The different approaches made it clear that everyone had a unique perspective on the theme. It was interesting to see how differently artists approached the same subject, but it was also clear that we all have more in common than we think. While some posters were more memorable than others, it was easy to see how they all reflected the theme. There were a few light bulb moments here and there, and it was also interesting to see how some posters were similar in terms of concept, although the execution seemed different.


It was fascinating to see a poster by an artist from China who used an old and a young hand to symbolize tolerance. It’s a subtle representation, but it’s a fine example of how different people can learn from each other, regardless of age.

I also found another poster that used humor to address social issues particularly compelling. It cleverly connected the #MeToo movement with the need for tolerance towards former President Trump. The poster’s pun was so perfectly placed that it made me smile a little.

I found it intriguing how several artists approached the theme of tolerance by using race as a context. By incorporating black and white boxing gloves, black and white knives, and black and white cats, they were able to creatively depict tolerance between races. It’s interesting to note that throughout history, people of different races have been intolerant of each other, making the artists’ contributions to the theme particularly poignant. 

It’s clear that the artists’ unanimous decision to explore the theme of tolerance through race, despite their different backgrounds, underscores the need for tolerance among people of different races. The exhibition’s artworks demonstrate the importance of understanding and respecting each other’s differences, and the power of art to promote empathy and encourage positive change.

Finally, I noticed several artworks that depicted tolerance through the use of rainbow colors and images related to the LGBTQ+ movement, which I found interesting. There were about three artworks from Israel that explored this angle, prompting me to wonder about Israel’s stance on LGBTQ+ rights. I was surprised to learn that Israel’s LGBTQ+ rights are considered the most developed in the Middle East. Thank you poster show, because I don’t think I would’ve ever come across that piece of information in my life! 

Long story long, the Tolerance Poster Show was a fantastic exhibition that showcased the incredible talent of artists from all over the world. It was a great opportunity to see how different people from different cultures and backgrounds approach the same subject in their own unique ways. I would highly recommend that type of exhibition to anyone who is interested in art, culture, or social issue.

Written by Maame Fosuah

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