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Streetwear Brands In Africa Taking The World By Storm

Streetwear has become a global fashion phenomenon in recent years, with many brands from around the world gaining popularity for their unique designs and styles. In Africa, a new wave of streetwear brands has emerged, offering fresh perspectives and designs that draw inspiration from African culture and heritage. These brands are challenging the status quo and breaking down barriers, gaining recognition and acclaim from fashion enthusiasts around the world. We explore some of the most notable streetwear brands from Africa that are taking the fashion world by storm, and how they are changing the perception of African fashion on a global scale.

1. Tribe Of God


Tribe of God is a Ghanaian streetwear brand led by co-founders Jude Dontoh, George Michael Malm & Manuel Sam and is predominantly known for its graphic t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, shorts, and now shoes. The Bible, religion, and the Christian faith serve as the inspiration for their creations. Over the past decade of existence, TOG has worked with some big names in the creative scene such as Joey B, Benson, and MI Abaga just to name a few. TOG has successfully collaborated with several international brands namely SONY music, Show dem Camp, and AM: PM London.

2. Galxboy


Galxboy is a South African streetwear brand that has its roots in the underground and rebellious youth street culture that dominates the urban centers of Mzanzi. Founded by Thatiso Dube in 2008, he drew his inspiration from the “new age” youth from South Africa who are wild and free in their fashion choice and style. Their merch collection includes bags, hats, sunglasses, and T-shirts.

3. Street Souk


Street Souk is a brand that is fairly young in Nigeria yet coexists with some well-established ones. Iretidayo Zacchaeus established the brand in 2018 because she appreciated Nigeria’s streetwear scene and believed it had great promise for the future.  Notable for their annual streetwear convention, the first by any brand in West Africa, they have carved a niche for themselves by connecting various streetwear brands across the continent. The brand has been heavily influenced by the creative genius, Virgil Abloh and has collaborated with Daily Paper.

4. Severe Nature


Severe Nature was established in 2012. They are a unisex street luxury brand with a modern youth expression. With its roots stemming from Canada, the Nigerian-based brand identified a gap in the streetwear culture back home and made an effort to uplift the trend. Founders Tobi Adeleye and Christopher Afolabi sought to be unique, outstanding, and bold with their designs. Severe Nature merchandise has been spotted on REMA, LADIPOE, and Memphis Depay.

5. Nairobi Apparel District


Creative Director for Nairobi Apparel district, Junior Orina doubles as a designer and artist. This Kenyan-based brand was established in 2013 and is located in the heart of Nairobi. From a huge selection of ready-made prints to custom-made designs, you’re sure to find something of your choice. They’ve worked with Camp Mulla, Sauti Sol, and many other celebrated names from Kenya.

6. David Blackmoore


David Blackmoore is a Nigerian fashion brand that has taken the streetwear scene by storm. With a unique and eclectic style that blends African culture with modern streetwear trends, David Blackmoore has become a top choice for fashion-conscious individuals around the world. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, David Blackmoore is dedicated to the urban African youths and draws inspiration from their Nigerian heritage and global pop culture to create one-of-a-kind fashion pieces.

7. Motherlan


Motherlan has grown into a cultural hub for young Nigerians who are passionate about fashion, skateboarding, and the arts. The brand’s aesthetic is inspired by Nigerian street culture and draws on influences from global fashion trends. Motherlan’s streetwear pieces are characterized by their bold prints, bright colors, and distinctive graphics, which are often inspired by Nigerian symbols and motifs. But Motherlan is more than just a fashion brand – it’s also a skate community that promotes the sport and the creative culture that surrounds it. The brand sponsors skate events and collaborate with local artists and musicians to create unique experiences that showcase Nigerian creativity and talent.

8. Grade Africa


Zaid, the brains behind GRADE AFRICA’s streetwear brand and the creator of Africa’s biggest sneaker expo (Sneaker Exchange), specializes in designing daring and distinctive clothing. Graphic t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories like hats and bags are some of Grade Africa’s best-selling products. Due to celebrities and influencers wearing the brand’s apparel, it has grown a sizable fan base both in South Africa and abroad.

9. Alchemy


Another emerging streetwear brand from Ghana is Alchemy. Kwakye, the founder of the brand says “People are paying more attention to fashion, and streetwear is being accepted in Ghana. Fashion plays a big role in teaching the youth to be free with what to wear”. Alchemy has designed custom designs for artists like King Promise, La Meme Gang, and Joey B. 

10. Free The Youth


Free the youth is a Ghanaian creative collective making a name for itself through streetwear fashion. The brand, which is jointly owned by a number of founders and co-founders, has successfully permeated the international and Diasporan market leading to several collaborations and features. They have been featured on fashion and creative insiders such as Vogue and Highs Nobiety. Since establishing itself as a streetwear brand in 2013, they have had collaborative campaigns with Daily paper and many other emerging brands. In 2021 they launched their flagship store in Accra that houses their collections of thought-provoking graphic t-shirts, jeans, hoodies, bags, and many more.

Written by Emmanuel Paapa Quaicoe.

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