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African Australian Artists, You Need To Put On Your Rotation.

Today, we want you to get acquainted with amazing artists who are creating a niche for themselves and whose music resonates with us even from the other side of the world.

1. Mwanje.


Mwanje is a Zambian singer/songwriter who was born in Botswana but is based in Melbourne Australia. Her music is an eclectic and soul-bearing fusion of R&B and neo-soul. She uses stacked and complex harmonies and trance-inducing spoken word delivery in order to tell stories about her life experiences, spirituality, and feelings about home. Her first EP, Seasons, was released this year.

2. Kwame.


Kwame is an Australian rapper and producer based in Sydney. He currently has 3 EPs released with the latest,Please Get Home Safe, being released in 2020. His career took off in 2016 when he was called on stage to spit some bars at an A$AP Ferg concert. His music serves as an avenue to spread positivity and empower people. 

3. Tkay Maidza.


Tkay Maidza is a Zimbabwean-born Australian singer and rapper whose sound is a blend of hip-hop, synth-pop, dance-pop, and alternative R&B.  She released her first single “Brontosaurus” at the age of 17. Since then she has released 4 EPs and one studio album. She is an artist that embraces change and creates lanes of her own in order to stay true to her musical goals. Her discography includes works with JPEGMAFIA, Baby Tate, Kari Faux, and most recently BabyFace.

4. Genesis Owusu.


Genesis Owusu is a 24-year-old Ghanaian-Australian singer/songwriter. His discography ranges from funk, and hip-hop, to punk music. He was introduced into the music industry in 2015 when he featured on his brother’s (Citizen Kay) album; With the People. Since then, he has released two EPs and one studio album (Smiling with No Teeth). In his music, Genesis Owusu tackles both celebratory aspects of life, as well as difficult social issues such as police brutality.

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