Roll On Me Cover Art Final

evrYwhr Releases Visuals For Hit Single “Roll On Me”, featuring Patoranking

Grammy Award-winning songwriter, singer, producer, and spoken wordsmith, evrYwhr (pronounced everywhere), is passionate about traveling and exploring culture through music. This time, his travels took him to Nigeria, where he filmed the video for his new single, “Roll On Me,” featuring Afrobeat superstar, Patoranking.

Produced by Trakmatik, Swanky, Hvstle, the smooth, almost ethereal love song boasts a sexy sound rooted in Afrobeats and Caribbean music with sonics that travels across the borders. evrYwhr calls the resulting sound, Psychedelic Afro-R&B, an eclectic and global fusion of R&B, Afropop, afrobeats, reggae, and soul!

evrYwhr wrote and recorded his verses on “Roll On Me” in Atlanta, GA, at The Saint & Citizen Studio, while Patoranking recorded his in Lagos, Nigeria. evrYwhr’s catchy hook opens the track complimented by Patoranking’s infectious verse. A sexy saxophone runs throughout the song, setting the tone for intimacy.


Nigerian cinematographer Director K of PriorGold Pictures (whose credits include Wizkid’s ‘Essence), adds another layer of allure to the vibrantly coloured music video. The beautiful scenery of Lagos, Nigeria, is the backdrop for an intimate love story that unfolds. evrYwhr & Patoranking serenade their love interests, played by Omotòrera and Jessica Levi “Pull up beep beep / let me gas you / that dress will make a pastor come and bless you/you got that chocolate dip / you got that fondue / And I bet that nani sweet like a mango,” sings evrYwhr on the song.

“I needed to record “Roll On Me” with Patoranking in Nigeria to immerse myself in the afrobeat rhythms and culture. While there, I fell in love with the music, food, and fashion,” shares evrYwhr, who has traced his ancestry back to Nigeria.

During the pandemic, everywhere came across a quote from Andy Warhol which changed his entire mindset about the creative process. “Don’t think about making art. Just get it done,” quoted Warhol. “Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. Then, while they are deciding, make even more art!” He put Warhol’s mantra into action. One of the songs that came out of his morning creative sessions was”Roll On Me.”

“Feeling free to create without critiquing myself stretched my sound. As I began to live a fuller, more limitless life, I’ve discovered a newfound freedom that comes from creating without overthinking.” that received rave reviews and drew even more new followers. 

Look for ‘Roll On Me’ as part of evrYwhr’s debut album set to be released in the summer of 2023 under the label Saint & Citizen Music.

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