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In Conversation with Juic3boy

Juic3boy, aka the guy with the golden melodies, is a Ghanaian Afrofusion artist based in Canada. With two EPs and countless singles under his belt, Juic3boy ensured that he didn’t leave listeners stranded with his recent single ‘Outside’. We caught up with Juic3boy about his latest single, his major move to Toronto, some of the wins he has gained with his music thus far and more.

Q: So Juic3boy – the guy with the golden melodies – what’s good with you?

Everything’s been good! I recently moved to Toronto about 4 months ago, started a new life here, been very productive with personal life and music, and just everything. So it’s been a pretty good change so far. Taking everything in strides and yeah, I’ve been blessed.

Q: You recently dropped your single ‘Outside’. How has the reception been so far?
Honestly, from the time of the creative process to now, the reception has been really, really great. We put out a teaser before it dropped and everybody that saw it on my story or on Tik Tok was like “yo drop it now” “when are you dropping this” and I’m like, I don’t have a date for it myself because I’m making so much music, I’m trying to pick that one that I want to release next. But it’s been great, it’s been great. It’s been picked up by a few Spotify editorial playlists out here in Canada.

And also, I don’t know if you know of Crxss Current? It’s like an Afro-Caribbean curated playlist on Spotify. I’ve never ever been on it but ‘Outside’ was picked up by their playlist and a lot of people just been really giving me their take on it and how they’ve enjoyed it and vibe to it. Sometimes people will see me outside, downtown Toronto and they’re just singing it to me. It’s been incredible, honestly, the reception has been really great.

Q: What was the creative process like in making ‘Outside’?
So honestly, for ‘Outside’ it was one of those days – this is what I’ve been doing since I moved here. I and a couple of my friends who would just walk down the street, get food, get something from outdoors and grab some inspiration. I like to do that before getting into the studio and creating from there. It’s more authentic to me and allows me to relax first before I start making music. We did that one Sunday and we were thinking about songs like Zinoleesky and Buju.

We were talking about their music and then one day my friend Noiir – he’s also an artist and producer. His EP is out so if y’all are watching this in the future, go listen to Montague by Noiir on all platforms. But yeah we were talking about the new age afrobeats, how there’s a lot of music that’s talking about fun, joy and happiness. And I always wanted to create something like that, that would resonate with a lot of people. So Noiir just started playing the sample for me and then I just had a melody in my head and kept singing it.

Then eventually, my other friend, Elliott, he played like this afro bass and mind you, Elliot is white. A white guy too and I never met him so I didn’t know if I had to explain what I wanted on the production but he heard the beat, he heard the sample Noiir made and he just got onto it and he just did his thing.

It gave me the proper ingredients to just make the song really stand out. So the creative process was great – there’s so much to cover but that’s just at least the start I can give you.

Q: What’s your take on New age afrobeats? Do you feel that people are forgetting the old sound?
I’m glad you asked that because I did leave something out too. I was also inspired by Ghanaian highlife and Kpalogo. Because if you listen to the beat you will hear the 5 step beat the Kpalogo bass.

And that’s the base of afrobeats, a lot of people don’t know that 5 beat sound (demonstrates sound) is in a majority of afrobeats songs we listen to. So I feel like new age afrobeats is heading in the right direction, obviously being influenced by their own experiences and the past/history of afrobeats.

I think its great when you’re able to implement the old style with the new style and just blend it together. And i feel like every artist that is engaging into afrobeats, they should also make sure they know about the history and know about the culture and understand that.

Because for me, music is spiritual so I want to understand what im creating , I want other people to also get a cool of what im making and I just want to give respect to everybody that was doing it before me. Like really, really doing it before me. So, yeah I think new age afrobeats is heading in the right direction and I’m so excited for the future.


Q: So you recently moved to Toronto from Edmonton?
Edmonton in Canada not the UK. You know whats crazy? I was in the States the other day and I bumped into a couple people from London, South London, to be specific. And they asked me where I was from and I was like I actually just moved to Toronto and they asked from where and I said Edmonton, and I had to stop them.

They looked at me and anytime I tell someone from the UK this, they have that same look. Apparently, Edmonton is ghetto and whatnot. But nah, I’m from Edmonton in Canada and I just moved to Toronto. I know you know some stuff I should know about Edmonton that’s why you’re laughing!

Q: What pushed you to move to a different city and come out of your comfort zone?
I just felt like in my life, my music career, it was a time to enter a new challenge and new environment for myself because I really want to succeed. And I don’t want to wait 10 years from now and look at what I could have done or what I should have done.

It’s something that I planned for a while. And Toronto just has more opportunities, more exposure regarding music compared to Edmonton. It definitely is growing in Edmonton but I just felt personally for me; for my path, I had to move to Toronto to take my music to another level. Now I’m here, by God’s grace I’m reaping the benefits so far and I just want to continue and keep pushing myself.

Q: How has this major move impacted your creativity?
It’s impacted a lot because I’ve met people within music and creatives that I would have never met if I was still in Edmonton. I’ve been able to get into the studio right away; I didn’t have to wait for that. I’ve joined certain programs that have other creatives, all types of people within the creative scene in Toronto.

So it’s definitely given my art and my craft more space to really share my passion with others and just expose who Juic3boy is to Torontonians and the world. So it’s definitely been a big impact since I’ve moved and it’s moving at a fast pace because life in Edmonton was pretty slow – I’m not gonna lie to you. And just moving to Toronto has been ‘boom, boom, boom’ but at the same time there’s also good in it too; so I’m happy to be here.

I just wanna be able to create an impact wherever I go

Q: What does your music journey mean to you and what are you hoping to achieve with it?
My music journey honestly means everything to me. I feel like it’s a huge thing about myself is music. A lot of my experiences, a lot of my encounters, and challenges in life, I’ve been able to tell stories about it through music.

Music has given me a lot of opportunities in life. God has but through the music – that’s how I feel. I’m living in a moment; I’m living in a day by day. I’m not someone – compared to at first at least. I used to think about the end goal, the final stop but I don’t feel like that’s a part of my life. I feel like I’m gonna be in different moments where maybe I might have to take a step back or I’m advancing.

But it’s all part of my journey and I just wanna be able to create an impact wherever I go and also with the music I just want to be able to share my passion with everybody. Not just one group of people, like everybody. I want people to remember my name in a good light and I want to take this to the world. And when I get to that point, I don’t want to stop. I just want to keep creating opportunities for myself and the people that I love and just be the best version of me that I can be. That’s what I can say right now.

I caught myself off guard, not gonna lie. But that’s how I really feel. I just want to take this to the world and it’s going to be taken to the world at the right time.

Q: I feel like we always talk about the challenges of being a musician; so forgetting about the challenges, I want to know a moment of triumph, a major win for you, that you’re proud of.
A lot of the stuff I’m gonna mention might sound little to people. I know we said we’re not gonna talk about the challenges but I’ll just say this before I talk about what has been a big win for me. But being an artist is really not for the weak. Sometimes you’re doing it and it’s like “is it worth it” or “where’s it gonna end”. It can be draining at times.

But I’ll mention the little wins I’ve been obtaining of late. Just getting Spotify to notice me. Sometimes I just...honestly I just feel like I was dropping music and nobody was even deeping that this guy actually makes music or this guy actually has work out there. Having a community, being able to build a community. Because yeah the internet is cool and all but real time it’s not even real at times. Just having curators notice me, people like you, like even talking to you right now is a blessing in itself for myself.

Because I remember times where I’ll just be talking to someone on the street about what I do. But to be talking to different platforms about what I do and sharing my craft is something that when I first started, is always something that I wanted to do. Being able to move to a new city and I’ve been welcomed by so many different people through getting into some of these creative programs like Soho.

It’s been awesome. Just having people that stream my music and appreciate it and tell me how much they like it. It means a lot to me. And being able to perform, it makes me happy. I actually take in that ‘yo, im really doing this’ I’m doing the stuff that I was telling people that doubted in me that I couldn’t perform or make music that I wanted to and I’m doing it now. Those are the little wins I really keep to my heart.


Q: For that person who wants to start music or an upcoming artist like yourself, what advice would you give to them?
The main advice I’ll give is just be yourself. Do it for you. Do it because you’re passionate and you love it. Everything will come eventually as long as it’s something you know you want to take and something that you’re truly passionate about.

You’re not doing it because you want to get money – like everybody has their own reason why they do certain things. But just have the right mentality and right reasons for you and everything else will follow. Don’t worry about the rest. Just focus on you and do what you have to do in that moment.

Q: Upcoming African artists within Africa/Diaspora that you’re feeling?
Okay, so I’ll start with the diaspora because I’ve been really paying attention to what they’re doing now in the UK and Europe and here. I’ve been a big fan of this guy’s music for the last couple years, Odeal. Really, really love what he’s doing. Gabzy, Tayc from France – he’s about to take over.

Very inspiring, inspires myself a lot. Obviously BXBN fka as BUJU. That EP, you’ve gotta listen to it. Black Sheriff; Camidoh; King Promise; Gyakie; Bellah is really good. Burna Boy, a big inspiration to me. Tiakola, Aya Nakamura. Hulk van Go Bebe; Samy Lrzo dropped ‘Tour du monde’.

Q: What can we expect to see from you for the rest of the year and beyond?
I want to drop a bit more music before the end of the year. Hopefully, soon, I can get something done with ‘Outside’ some sort of visuals because I just want to maximise the potential of that song. And I’m speaking this into existence, but anybody who’s watching this, just go to my page, it’s my pinned post.

I applied for the rising star challenge at Afrochella so I’m hoping that I get picked to perform in Ghana during the Afrochella festival. So hopefully, I can do that before the end of the year and also get more collaborations. I’ve been collaborating a bit with some people out here in Toronto. And soon, hopefully, you guys get to hear it soon and just create more great music for all of you. And if you don’t know me, now hopefully you know me.

Stream Juic3boy’s single ‘Outside’ now:

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