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Music Festival Starter Pack

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Attending a music festival? We put together a “here’s what you’ll need” list for festivalgoers. Most of the time, you’ll be strong and willing to stay till the end.


You wouldn’t want to leave behind the most important item for your concert right? Most event organizers are opting for e-tickets now so all you need is to pick up your phone.

Crossbody Phone Case

Crossbody Phone Case.

A wise philosopher once said; “Before them use me, I go use my sense, my sense”. To protect your phone whilst taking pictures and videos, we recommend you get a crossbody case that hangs around your body and makes it hard for you to be robbed.

Power Bank.

Power Bank.

Picture this; You just “chop breakfast” and you’re singing your heart out to ‘Last Last” and your phone goes off in the middle of this self-tragic video. To avoid this you’ll need to get a power bank to support your battery and prevent it from completely shutting down.


Ladies! This is the time to put away those lovely heels. There’s a lot of standing and walking during such music festivals. For your comfort, we’ll advise you to rock a pair of sneakers instead of heels or shoes. Gentlemen! Don’t even attempt to look at those slides.

Fanny Pack

This is also a safety measure/precaution. This is preferred to a backpack or handbag because it is positioned in front of you, unlike the others which can be picked on your blindside.


A lady rocking a pair of sunglasses.

You should take sunglasses as well. This will help you watch your favourite artist without having to squint.


Be sure to put together a bag of your toiletries and any medication essentials for your music festival packing list, but only in sensible amounts. 


This is a major essential when you’re attending a music festival. There will be a lot of single and screaming and you’ll definitely need to refresh before the next artist. You don’t want to have a parched throat when that cute someone says “Hi”, do you?



To our girls and guys who want to touch Nirvana while watching their favourite artist perform, this is definitely essential. It may come in handy when a generous somebody shares the 4-2-0 Zip code.

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