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Is LinkedIn a Good Platform for Upcoming Artists to Promote Their Music?

LinkedIn iMullar

Linkedin is a social networking site that has a specific focus on careers, education, and industry networking so what’s the hack?

The platform is a place for professionals from various industries to connect with past and current colleagues, increase business connections, network within their industry, discuss business ideas, search for jobs, and look for new hires.

When it comes to social networking, upcoming artists tend to focus on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where their current fans and new listeners are most likely to engage with their music. But what about LinkedIn? Is it worth your time as an upcoming artist?

Truth is, LinkedIn isn’t the best place to reach your fans with links to your tracks and videos or any promotional materials. It may not directly grow your fanbase or your streaming numbers. But there are some benefits LinkedIn can offer emerging musicians.

Linkedin offers the opportunity to network with people directly involved in the music industry. LinkedIn is brimming with potential music industry connections.  From graphic designers, music promoters, photographers, web developers, and social media gurus, to sound techs, promoters, and producers, there are plenty of useful, professional connections to be made. These are the people who can transform your image, polish your tracks and expand your reach.

There is also access to networking groups to get questions about the industry answered. A great function of LinkedIn is being able to join groups relevant to your industry. Linkedin groups can be a great resource for professional networking. But the key is networking, as in working with others. Use it well and it will help open up doors for your music career.

Kofi Kinaata
Kofi Kinaata via Instagram.

One artist who makes very good use of Linkedin is Martin King Arthur (Kofi Kinaata). Even during the early days of his career, he was quite active on the platform and still is now. His posts include sharing relevant information about upcoming tours, and achievements and using his following to create job opportunities for others. 

Musicians need to nurture all areas of their careers, which often means making professional, influential contacts within the music business. If this is your aim (and at some point, it should be) LinkedIn is the ideal place to be and well worth your time.

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