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Gyakie releases her sophomore EP, ’My Diary”

Two years after Gyakie’s very significant debut project, the SEED EP, Ghanaian singer, and rising superstar Gyakie, has released her sophomore project, “My Diary”, available now across digital music stores worldwide via Flip The Music and Sony Music Entertainment.

Since her debut in 2019, Gyakie has remained on a very impressive and inspiring course. From dropping successive music singles, attempting record-breaking feats, topping the music charts to winning multiple awards, performing at sold-out shows, headlining her own concert as well as making associations with powerful figures in music, and becoming recognized as a symbol of empowerment to the girl child and females all over the world, Gyakie has neither looked back nor slowed down.

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‘My Diary’ adjoins the beautiful narrative that began on her SEED debut. The Executive-Produced EP by Electro Mirror does this with six songs across different genres, chronicling the starlet’s encounters on her pathway to finding her galaxy. The singer opens up the EP with an intro that sets the tone for the 15-minute-long project. In a style that’s mellow Jazz with what seems to be traditional Adowa elements, she sings about how grateful she is for her musical journey so far and what she’s been able to achieve. In this song, titled ‘Audience’ Gyakie features a not-so-mysterious Song Bird, a well-known alias for the artist herself amongst her fans but on this project, seems to be a proper introduction of the Song Bird as her alter ego.

The next song ‘Far Away’ will easily be an instant favorite for fans who’ve been on Gyakie’s musical journey from the very beginning. The Reggae overtones in the RnB infusion are reminiscent of some of her earliest singles but this time, the growth and maturity she admits have gone up in leaps in bounds is evident in her delivery and vocals. On the highly anticipated song, ‘Flames’, the only feature on the song, Davido did an incredible job, complementing Gyakie’s coolness with his usual fire. The two dance over the Jay Weathers & AJ production, giving off a fun infectious duet that captures the emotive lightness of being in love.

As the project progresses, the tempos of the songs become more upbeat ending with “Waka Waka”, a Reggae song filled with braggadocious energy that explores a bolder side of Gyakie, different from the mellow melodious love crooner we are used to.

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‘My Diary’ has something for everyone, genre, and subject-themed-wise. The singer’s efforts were very intentional to satisfy expectations in melodious composition, vocal delivery, lyrical dexterity, and imaginative story-telling prowess. All through the EP, Gyakie stays true to her familiar theme of love, staying on topic for most of the songs including the earlier released singles, ‘For My Baby’ and ‘Something’ while displaying a form of self-love in speaking her truth on ‘Waka Waka’ and reminiscing on her incredible progress on the intro, ‘Audience.

Stream the “My Diary” EP, available in all digital stores here

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