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Discovery : AratheJay

I first heard of AratheJay through a feature on a song titled “Traveler.” Captivated by the hook delivered by Ara, I became an instant fan. From there, I became interested in knowing more about this artist. Meeting up with Ara, I was introduced to a charismatic yet reserved talent determined to convey uplifting messages through his music.

Ara defines his music and sound under the umbrella of Spiritual/Religious, which speaks to the deep sense of spirituality that can be felt throughout his music and lyrics at times. Since the release of Traveller, Ara’s catalogue has grown to showcase his growth as an artist and his steady trajectory towards breaking into the mainstream music industry within Ghana.

In June of 2021, AratheJay alongside fellow artist Wise Shady released a song entitled Sankofa. Sankofa would serve as the world’s introduction to AratheJay, as the song received a cosign from notable Ghanaian highlife and afrobeats singer-songwriter, King Promise. After this cosign, fans have been teased with a possibility of a remix of Sankofa featuring King Promise.

Blessed with a soothing and euphonious voice and a knack for creating catchy hooks and verses, AratheJay is an artist on the rise that you should get to know.

Q: Who is AratheJay

Ara: As an individual, I would say AratheJay is a Christian as well as an artist. I demonstrate my art through my music and spoken word.

Q: You define your music under the umbrella of the word “ Spiritual.” Define “Spiritual” and how this term shapes your sound?

Ara: I consider my sound spiritual because everything has a spiritual backing. Everything in the world is not just as it is. I know that as fact. Everything we do as humans has a spirit behind influencing our works. So with the term spiritual, I am talking about and conveying this concept. I am careful about the content I create. Just know I am trying to say something. I want to convey stories that people want to hear, whether I am talking about God, love, or hustle.

Q: What was your first interaction with music? And how did that experience shape your sound and aesthetic as an artist?

Ara: I started off singing. I have been singing since childhood; I started with church. My first interactions learning about music started in Kenya, I was close to a DJ who would play a lot of Jamaican rhythms and music like Vybz Kartel. So I started by just memorizing the songs I heard. Just trying to understand how people constructed and made music.

Q: What genres of music do you draw inspiration from?
I listen to all types of music and songs, understanding that everyone has their way of creating music. People discuss so many types of messages in music.

Ara: What Do you want the listener to take away from your music?
I want people to take away positive messages and vibes that will uplift them. When I speak of love, I am addressing my wife. Mostly you hear one name repeatedly in my song. The name “Abena.” I am just conveying that I am only talking about one individual. I want the biggest takeaways to be God, and something positive.

Get Familiar with Arathejay!

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