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On Rotation IWD Takeover: Songs you need in your life this week

Every week, the iMullar staff round up ten songs we cannot stop listening to, forming the weekly list of songs known as “On Rotation.” This week we have asked the team and women from the music industry for International Women’s Day to share some of their favourite tunes. You heard these recommendations here first. From South to West Africa, to the UK, each track is guaranteed to be a vibe.

1. Ria Boss – Flame on

If you do not already know about Ria Boss, we suggest you listen to this song immediately. This song is a strong representation of Ria’s versatility and strong vocals. A beautiful piece that speaks to Ria’s inner child about what this thing we call life really all about. 

Chosen by Elizabeth Ntiamoah

2. Ch’cco, Mellow and Sleazy – Nkao Tempela 

If you’re an Amapiano lover then this one is for you. By Ch’cco, Mellow and Sleazy this song gives everything that it needs to give. Amapiano has taken the music industry by storm, and I promise you this is one that you need to add to your workout playlist. Give it a listen and I guarantee you have already come across this one on socials. 

Chosen by Shay Sade 

3. Phaemous – I Like H.E.R

Emerging singer-songwriter Phaemous is definitely someone you should keep your eyes on. The artist brings something that arguably nobody else brings. Phaemous’ sound is founded on R&B and ‘I Like H.E.R’ is a strong representation of why the artist should be on your radar. 

Chosen by Titilope Adesanya

4. WurlD – Sad Tonight 

A beautiful love song that is bound to get you in your feelings. WurlD is a talented singer and songwriter that has taken the industry by storm. The artist is on the radar of many, and ‘Sad Tonight’ is a perfect example of why WurlD is next up!

Chosen by Daisy Mae 

5. Rosalia ft. The Weeknd – LA FAMA

Spanish singer and songwriter and The Weeknd collaborated on this one, and I cannot lie. It is a vibe. Rosalia’s Spanish influence does not stop with her, but the Weeknd also drops vocals in Spanish, giving us a beautiful melody. 

Chosen by Ore Views 

6. Beyonce “Bigger”

A masterpiece. Need I say more? A beautiful track from Beyonce that shares a strong message that everyone can certainly do with from time to time. If you have not taken the lyrics of this one, then I suggest you sit back, close your eyes and listen to ‘Bigger’ by Beyonce. 

Chosen by Foza Fawehinmi

7. Moor Sound x Copta – Party Scatter 

This one caught me off guard. I was shocked I had not come across this one before, but this is what playlists like this are for. Moor Sound and Copta did not hold back on ‘Party Scatter’ giving us a hot new track that is bound to get you and your people in the mood for a jumpy weekend. 

Chosen by Meg Sagoe from the iMullar Team 

8. Ariel Wayz – 10 Days 

A young Rwandan artist making waves, Ariel is the gift that keeps giving. ’10 days’ is a beautiful love song that showcases Ariel’s talent as an emerging artist. This is one to add to your playlist. You heard it here first; Ariel is next to blow! Keep your eye on her. 

Chosen by Esy Arthur from the iMullar Team 

9. Asa featuring Amaarae – All I ever wanted 

An absolute Gem from Asa’s album V. This is a song that is bound to get you dancing, to be perfectly honest I have not heard a track like this before. Asa and Amaarae is a musicial combo from heaven! 

Chosen by Tracey Ginger from the iMullar Team 

10. Alive – Lisa Oduor Noah 

Heavenly is the word to describe Alive. Lisa is truly something else, from her unique sound to her mesmerising vocals; she is doing things differently. If you are into soul, jazz or R&B I am sure you will vibe to this track! 

Chosen by Anabel Rose Kuababom from the iMullar Team 

On rotation is your weekly dose of musical geniuses to your library. Our editors update this playlist very frequently so if you see something you like, then go ahead and add it to your library.

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