EYECANDY:Fresh Visuals from Amaarae, SGawD, Burna Boy and more

Visuals often give a fresh, new perspective on previously released tracks. A good video will give fans a new sense of where their favorite artiste was creatively when they made their favorite song. As an artiste, connecting with your audience is extremely important and dope visuals are just another way the nu generation of stars are pushing their stories and craft. So without further ado here is a roundup of some visuals we fell in love with this week.

I Got It – Princess Mami featuring Psycho YP

‘I Got It’ opens up with Princess Mami sitting pretty somewhere in a dark trap house whilst she fires off bars and sharp one-liners surrounded by her shooters. Giving bad and bougie vibes, her and YP flex and express exactly how they feel. The minimalistic and dim environment ties the whole song together making it clear that neither of them are here to play games. Watch it here now.

 SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY – Amaarae, Moliy & Princess Adjua

Amaarae is ALWAYS in her bag with her visual offerings and her latest video release “SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY” is nothing short of the fun, crazy, luxurious aesthetic that our favorite warrior princess is known for. Complete with outrageous neon outfits, colorful ball pits, and a nod to old Nollywood classics featuring the ringleaders (Amaarae, Moliy, Princess Adjua) and a gang of baddies up to no good, the video is a certified rager. Featuring clips from her fancam, the video screams inclusivity, creativity, and fiery expression. Embrace your wild side by watching SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY here.

Feel Right – SGawD featuring Mafeni & DOZ

SGawD, affectionately known as Seddy is a budding Nigerian singer and rapper. Tagged as part of the nu scene of African rap girlies killing it by the likes of the Native Mag, Harmattan Rain, and more, this young artiste is definitely one to watch out for in 2021. Her debut video release for “Feel Right” reveals a little more about the elusive emerging act. The video gives us serious nostalgic feels telling a tender story between Seddy and her love interest, from meeting at an old movie rental shop to dining with friends then ending the video romantically on the beach, this video tugs at even the firmest of heartstrings. Watch it below

Black and White – Nasty C and Ari Lennox

Enter everyone’s favorite sweet-talking SA rap star, Nasty C, and the phenomenal Ari Lennox in this sweet, heartwarming video shot between South Africa and the USA. Playing the part of two lovers thousands of miles from each other, the surprising duet is giving us our version of socially distant love during pandemic season 2. The story narrates a loved-up long-distance romance consisting of all that cute stuff from interrupting their daily routines just to make time to talk to each other, to the all too familiar lengthy facetime. As if that the cuteness was not enough, the video ends with a dramatic clip of Nasty looking off to a plane at a distance hinting at the possibility that the couple could be reunited at last. True love conquers all it seems. Watch the video now.

Onyeka – Burna Boy

There is definitely still love in the air judging from Burna Boy’s latest video offering. Though the video is centered around a love story, the visual maintains the textbook Burna Boy aesthetic with candid shots of a local neighborhood in Jamestown, Ghana celebrating the megastar’s similar, humble origins. Found sitting in a small yet colorful flat, Burna and his castmate are lost in what seems like the beginning of a beautiful relationship as the star serenades and comforts her. Shots of other couples, random handholding give us even more of a true African love story vibe and in the month of February, Burna certainly knows what his audience is looking for.

Maria – Psycho YP, Tomi Agape, DJ T1Z & Jaylon

In dimly lit luxury apartments, Pyscho YP plays the role of a lost lover trying to find his way to his Maria who is holed up in the infamous room 306 where everything and more could go down. With money, drink, and good bud flowing, there’s only so much that could happen between YP and his long-lost Maria. Tomi Agape comes in with the fly hot girl looks and hooks recording her verse with all the flair of a young Griselda. The video is a vibe, watch it here.

My Heart – Pappy Kojo featuring Kuami Eugene

Another romantic video for the books. Complete with picturesque views of a glittering ocean and an enticing beach, the two stars utilize almost every RnB visual trope to bring us a cheesy yet suitable video for a beautiful love song. From the colored suits against a backlit empty wide background to shots of the happy couple consisting of Pappy and his partner sharing wine, the video just screams love out loud!

Ji Masun – Pyscho YP & Azanti 

A feel-good visual that reminds us all of what it was like to hang out with your friends and your partner’s friends and just have a chilled night in. Featuring FIFA, pizza, colored lights, and budding red cup romances, Ji Masun recounts the story of young love blossoming in front of our very eyes. Watch it here.

Favour – Edem featuring Efya, Sarkodie 

Celebrating divine favor and stepping into his power, Edem chooses a number of scenes and nods to divinity and power for his latest video FAVOUR. From humans wrapped in bandages referencing see no evil, hear no evil to the familiar black panther all-black power attire, this video is laced with clever messages and iconic symbolism flipped with an African flair. Edem is ready to empower you watch Favour here. 

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