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The Nigerian singer’s second EP has undoubtedly been one of the most anticipated projects in a while, especially after a stellar performance on “La La” from superstar Davido’s album, “A Better Time” which quickly became a fan-favorite. His 2018  breakout single “Container” shot him to fame and Ckay hasn’t let up scoring mainstream success with the global hit “Love Nwatiti”.

On his newest EP titled “Boyfriend”, Ckay plays the part of a certified lover man, the type that wants to take you to a park and play you an acoustic song over fresh fruit and sunshine. Judging by his romantic, rockstar style that graces the album’s cover art Ckay is a proud lover boy, ready to give it his all. “Felony” is in line with that statement, released as a lead single, it’s a joyful record with beguiling writing. 

Sensuality as a theme runs throughout the tape. On songs like  “Jeje De Whine”, a more explicit yet intimate record, the standouts here are great production and Ckay’s featherlight falsetto, led by a Spanish guitar that reminds one of the theme songs of an early 2000’s telenovela. The rising singer’s sturdy melody lines and romantic writing skills serve the song justice. “Show My Side” is a certified bedroom bop featuring Ghana’s very own Atomic Angel Amaarae. 

Ckay also lets us know that love, in all its greatness, is not without its stress. Lyrics like ‘your love is pain but inject it into my veins’ on “Skoin Skoin” takes the tape to a vulnerable, moodier place. A duet performance by Ckay and Brazil’s Bianca Costa, who tells her side of things with soft vocals delivered in her native tongue, creates a beautiful tension that is almost always present in any passion-filled situation. On “Isabella”, Ckay shares a cautionary tale about lovesickness, detailing his encounter with a girl at Lekki, and how he feels he can’t live without her. 

From looking at the project from a production view, it’s almost as if Ckay insisted on handling everything by himself, with credits for 4 songs, shaping his sound to his own terms. The feature list runs back to Ghana, with Kidi and Nigerian singer Oxlade joining Ckay’s crooning ways on “Mezebu”, a tear-jerking record that sees all three acts narrate their experiences post heartbreak; the drunk texting, the lies, all causing more damage than already exists. It’s the saddest song on the 20-minute project and might be the most real record on there with such heartfelt effort from the trio.

“Kiss Me Like You Miss Me” is a richly produced record that lingers in the comfort and ecstasy that love can bring. Produced by Ckay himself, it switches between soul R&B elements and  Afro beats, with the simple lyricism that makes it a “sing-along” record. Ckay’s “Boyfriend” is a sincere attempt to recreate the natural cycle that love comes with, ranging from peak eroticism, the honeymoon period right down to the dark and difficult times. A brilliant effort and delivery from one of the most promising African acts coming out of the continent.

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