Meet DayOnthetrack, the emerging artiste who wants you to stay confident.

Focused and Confident

If like many the COVID pandemic disrupted your life or the pursuit of your goals, whether it be the loss of a loved one or opportunity, a lot of us are ending this year thinking of what could have been. More importantly and positively, we are looking forward to next year and desiring the confidence and strength to keep ongoing. 

For DayontheTrack, an emerging Ghanaian Afrofusion artiste, COVID gave him the time out he needed to look inside of himself and relight the fire of creativity within. DAYOntheTrack has featured on tracks like Chocolate featuring Twitch 4EVA from the Ground Up Chale ‘We Outside; Y3 W) Abonten compilation tape alongside collabs with artistes like Quamina MP. 

Gearing up for his debut EP, Dayonthetrack released a single titled “Blow My Mind”, a carefree Afropop leaning ballad which in Day’s own words is meant to inspire and encourage. The iMullar team caught up with the “Blow My Mind” songwriter on his COVID year about confidence, rediscovering your passion and hope for a better tomorrow. 

How did COVID & lockdown impact on your creativity?

D- Covid helped me take time out for myself and look inside to learn about what kind of musician I want to be. The lockdown also taught me more about my sound. It really helped me. Before I was the kind of artist that just went with the vibe and it made me focus less on the message I was sending. I also didn’t really have the confidence to release my own songs or even had that many songs to release. But COVID allowed me to focus on making more music to the point where I think I’ve found my sound now and my message. Now I’m focused on bringing that quality and message to the people that need to hear it.

What kind of musician was DayOnthetrack before COVID what kind of musician is Day now?

D- Again previously I was kinda going with the vibe and not really getting out of my comfort zone. Now I am a lot more confident and a  lot more focused on the message of my music and the sounds I want to create and share with people. I even began writing songs for myself and other people 

What kind of people does Day make music for?

D- I make music for people who have found themselves on the unfortunate side. The underappreciated people…the people who need that extra shot of confidence to feel that they can accomplish whatever they put their minds too. People find it easier to point out negatives and I want to spread positivity and the importance of self-confidence and self-care in my music. 

Blow my Mind is a beautifully crafted record that you apparently created three years ago. Why did you choose to release it now?

D- I couldn’t find anyone to master it and like I said I was pretty much coasting and vibing through the music thing so it was harder for me to let my favourite and (only) songs go but now since I’ve been in the studio and been working on my craft, I have a lot more songs so I just knew it was time to let it go.

What are the three biggest influences/inspirations on your music?

D- The giants -people like Burna, Sarkodie even people like Kwesi and their rise inspire me. Coming up from nothing to become one of the biggest acts in Africa. Stuff like that encourages me. Additionally, my friends have always been there for me too. Listening and sharing my music and giving me feedback and the encouragement I need to keep going.

What makes Dayonthetrack stand out amidst the fast-paced and huge market for African music right now?

D- It’s my message and I think it stands out and my melodies as well- my message to the people is to not give up hope and to keep improving themselves regardless of what society says. I am just trying to get people to believe that anything is possible- I’m still making the same afro-pop and afro-funk but I think my message is very different. Society does a number on a lot of people’s confidence so my message is to be encouraging and communicate with people to tell them that they can be who they want to be.

How has Day navigated the Ghana music industry?

D- Ghanaian people are hospitable and some people have really helped me improve. There’s a lot of friendly people who are willing to give you a chance or advice.

When can we expect a debut project from Day?

D- Early next year. I just need to arrange the songs and organize my releases.

DayOnthetrack’s sentiments about wanting to feel confident and secure in himself ring true for a lot of people right now. Having survived this year and come out of the cycle of self-doubt armed with determination, confidence and perseverance, DayOnthetrack is getting ready to show the world that it’s never too late to start again and have faith in yourself and your craft.

Listen to Blow My Mind here.

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