Here Are Some New Sounds Released This Week.


Each week, we accumulate a list of newly released songs that we think you should hear because music is the only universal language of peace and love. Here are some of the best releases you may have missed this week and don’t forget who put you on these sounds.

Kelvin Black – Hooligan

Kelvin Black says it’s payback time, he’s coming for all you who look down on him and his craft, if you’re a hip hop/trap lover then this one is for you, if you’re also out there trying hard to achieve your dreams or hustling hard to makes ends meet, you will love this one, he’s not saying you gotta be a hooligan to make ends meet but just sometimes you need to go hard on things to make it work. The song is called “hooligan” and it features a Xdeim. 

Nxwrth – Oh My days

Still, on the NASA journey with just two weeks left for the official album to be released, Nxwrth has released the last song on the album titled “Oh My Days” produced by himself, the song features La Meme Gang members KwakuBs, Kiddblack Darko Vibes and Hama. “Oh my days” is a lyrical presentation of how good the gang is, how hard they have been working and what makes them extremely different from others. With vocals from Hama and Darko and rap verses from KwakuBs and Kiddblack, this song is definitely going to be a favourite for most people, Nxwrth himself features with a rage verse in between so it’s easy to get the message and the rage feel at the same. Pre-add the album listen to “oh my days”.

Manny Norte – 4 am

 Ghana-UK born producer and radio presenter  Manny Norte has bridged the musical gap by bringing 3 amazing artists from 3 different countries to featured on a song he produced titled “4 am”. The song features American singer, rapper and songwriter 6lack, Nigerian pop artist Rema and Uk rapper Tion Wayne, I can end my write up right here because you already know what to expect from this song but “4 am”  is a love song from the male’s viewpoint, the song is amazing but there’s the video which is certainly something we love, the video was shot in Ghana and directed by Nigeria’s Meji Alabi, we love to see it, you should see it too.

Oxlade – Away

“Away” is Oxlade’s new single off his upcoming album Oxygen, we love guys who know how to express their feels without making it awkward because people are of the notion that males are supposed to act hard and hide the way they feel about love but Oxlade is part of the people changing that notion through their music. His voice is beautiful and soothing to listen to, in this song he talks about going to a far away place with his lover to do all the lovey-dovey things there is to do. Allow us to carry you away with this beautiful song.

Kpakpo Lee – Joo

Lee has been consistent these past weeks giving us songs to jam to, from a tape and a single in a week, another single the week after and he’s back again with another one this week titled “Joo” which translates to Ga as dance, it’s not typical Lee type of trap or hip hop tune but it has little of it somewhere inside, it’s just a song to dance more like an afrobeat type of jam. The title of the song tells us exactly what to do no two ways about it so let’s dance.

Aisha – Lowkey

We love collaborations and this collaboration between Netherlands music Star Aisha and Ghana’s very own King Promise is going to be a jam for days. The song has a fusion of Afrobeats and dancehall so it’s safe to say it’s afro-dancehall but regardless of the genre this song is a vibe and the lyrics of the song are easily relatable, it’s more of two lovers telling each other what they want from each other, “lowkey” is something you will love to jam to at any occasion, add it to your playlist and don’t say I didn’t tell you.

King Joey – HMU

King Joey releases a single after The StoneAge Clan’s well-received Teaser joint project, “Clan Gallery”. King Joey joins forces with his Ghanaian music counterpart Sizz The Truth to come out with a unique piece of work. This trap song strays away from the usual hard-hitting fast tempo Ghanaian trap sound and employs a rather calm and melodies vibe. The masterpiece production from Carl Keegan started the magic allowing King Joey and Sizz The Truth to sum it up beautifully with their very well blending styles.

O’bkay – All Day

O’bkay’s new song All Day is what we all need in this quarantine season, all day all night we can have fun, do the things we love and all of that but we just gotta do them indoors, you can do everything you want to do without necessarily going outside, yhup it’s possible. All-day features Lil Shaker so you already know the vibes. Stay safe and enjoy All Day.

Khalifina – Black Tears 

Black Tears is a song by Khalifina with unexplainable emotions which makes it very personal and relatable to everyone  “I was emotionally unstable at a time and the only way I could express it was through music”. We’ve all experienced dark times once, twice or several times but there’s so much creativity to be unlocked in hard times, looking for that inspiration, listen to black tears and do what you gotta do.


EPs & Tapes

Remy Baggins – Sakura

Nigerian artiste Remy Baggins expresses his sensual nature in a 4-song EP titled “Sakura” which means Cherry Blossom in Japanese. He sings about his love and affection towards a fictional friend but it looks like he is gradually falling in love in the process, this tape shows Remy’s ability to blend different genres of music to make songs everyone can relate to one way or the other. 

Listen here

L.I – Heartstrings

“Heartstrings” is a love tape that talks about love, trust and hatred, usually girls love to sing about love, feelings and all of these but now it’s time to hear what the guys have to say and it’s all said lyrically in this 4-track EP by L.I. The afrobeat/hip hop tape was written, produced and mastered by himself, he put so much work into this tape, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Listen here

Francis Sampah – Sumo

Francis Sampah can do no wrong with his first afrobeat EP release. We love love songs, for someone to express everything they feel in a musical form is something we appreciate all the time, everyone has their own understanding of love and things related to it and Francis has decided to put his own understanding of love in a 5-track tape titled “Sumo” meaning Love. The EP produced by Nigerian Mega producer SPAX opens with “Odo” which also means love but in a different language followed by “Adoley”, expressing his love to a girl called Adoley. “Mental”, “Baa Sumomi” and “Kpanlogo” are the other 3 songs on the tape also with their own stories, the striking thing about this whole tape is his voice, the voice is so surreal and calm if you need a tape that’s calm but not too dull then “Sumo” is what you need to listen to.

Listen here

Big K DJ – In Trap We Trust 

The RGG Recording Studios in-house DJ has released yet another mix of songs which he titles, “In Trap We Trust”. Known for his love for the Ghanaian hip pop and trap scene, Big K DJ mixes heavy trap tunes from Ghana’s leading and next-rated artiste, from Copta to $pacely, Kwesi Arthur & Kofi Mole, you are sure to enjoy every part of this mix. Bump your head to the bounce of the tracks as the mix runs for an exciting and fun-filled moment of 28 minutes. Available on Soundcloud and Audiomack. Enjoy. 

Listen here


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