Netflix Party Browser Extension Allows You to Stream and Chat With Friends

Self-quarantine just got painless.

Image via Thibault Penin

With many people across the world self-quarantining to prevent the spread of COVID-19, people are figuring out ways to stay connected. To help, a new Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party has been created to let you and your friends watch Netflix together.

Deemed as “a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online,” per its site, Netflix Party allows you to sync playback so that you and your friends can watch and end movies and TV shows at the same time. The extension also acts as a digital chatroom, with a side-bar for real-time commentary between you and your friends. After everyone adds the extension, one person sets the room up and shares the invite link.

TechRadar reports that while it isn’t an official Netflix feature—it’s supported by a Patreon page—it’s easy to add to your Google Chrome browser and free if you have a Netflix account. It’s not yet available for Safari or Firefox.

Netflix Party is a welcome addition as movie theatres across the world and Ghana is not an exception since it’s not advisable to be in the company of more than 25 people or even less, cinemas are supposed to be closed following the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic to avoid the spread.

Some new movies will see an especially early release to VOD as well. Universal has announced that multiple fresh titles, such as Emma, The Hunt, and The Invisible Man, will be imminently available on-demand for $19.99 each. Warner Bros.’ Birds of Prey and STX Entertainment’s The Gentlemen will also receive early VOD releases. Take precautionary measures and stay safe.

Source: Complex

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