10 African Songs You Need In Any Retro Playlist

A Blast From The Past: 10 African Songs You Need In Any Retro Playlist

Popularly known as “The Rainmaker,” Majek Fashek is a legendary Nigerian singer-songwriter and guitarist. Best known for his 1988 album entitled Prisoner of Conscience, Fashek is an African icon when it comes to African reggae and Pangolo music. Pangolo music is a musical genre created and pioneered by Fashek. Panagolo music incorporates tropical sound with unique Nigerian rhythms and melodies. If you are looking for conscious sounds and vibes, Majek Fashek is the man for you. A true lyricist with pure words. This week the category is “The Rain Maker make it Rain on me.”

1. Send Down the Rain

“Everything in Life has got its time and season, so you don’t have to ask me why.” With pure and inspirational lyrics, Send the rain will motivate you throughout any rainy day.

2. Holy Spirit

Have you ever wished for a better world? The holy spirit is a song that asks for just that. Holy Spirit will fill you with a level of consciousness, which will be sure to invoke change and policy change.

3.African Unity

Off the album Rainmaker, African Unity simply poses the question, “ When will the black nation unite.”

4. Jah People

Activism is key in any society. In “Jah People,” Fashek inspires his audience to stand up and fight for their rights.

5. Kpangolo

A cool jam that continues to push good vibes and moving forward, Kpangolo is all about cool vibes.

6. I Come from the Ghetto

Lead by the talking drum, I Come from the Ghetto is a street anthem, cultivated for all street hustlers and ballers.

7. I Am Not Afraid

Fear is a common emotion we all experience. If I am not Afraid, Fashek discusses what fear can do and the effect fear can have. So remember to never be afraid and push through your fears.

8.Promised Land

A whole state of mind, mood and consciousness, Promised Land is a thought-provoking track.

9. Love and Affection

A ballad love song, Love and Affection is a sweet and romantic song which will have you proclaiming your love. This song was featured in the movie, “ Fools Gold”

10. Majek Beware

Beware is a powerful song which detailing seeing destruction all around.  This song will definitely have you jamming on a conscious level.


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