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10 Signs Your Relationship Is Trash And You Need To Let Him Go!

Top Most Relationship Tip: No matter how good of a woman you are, you’ll never be good enough to a man who isn’t ready. Let that sink in!!


We’ve all been in bad relationships before but that does mean we know when its time to throw in the towel. As women, we find ourselves searching for the least bit of hope that the relationship works out when we ultimately know it’s no good for us. Sometimes we need that push to understand when the road has comes to a close and this may be that push for you.

1. You don’t feel like a priority

Being a priority in a relationship is a top priority! You should never feel like your second anyone. If they care about you then it’s their job to make you feel like your important because you are.

2. You don’t spend time together

If you and your partner would rather spend time alone then time together then there is no point in being with them. Wanting more space plays a huge factor in the beginning stages of ending a relationship.

3. You fight all the time

Its normal to have disagreements in a relationship but when it’s excessive you know! It is simply a waste of time constantly bickering all the time when you can leave the stress in the past and proceed to live your best life.

4. You don’t trust them

Trust is a huge part of maintaining a healthy relationship. Without trust the relationship is non-existent. Having constant uncertainty can be toxic in a relationship causing insecurities the best thing to do is walk away.

5. They make’s you feel insane for expressing your feelings

Any person who will make you feel crazy for expressing how you feel is not for you. It is very unhealthy to be in a relationship where you feel like you have to suppress your feelings for the sake of someone else. Boss up and leave them behind.

6.  Your partner flirts with other people in front of you

This is a huge RED FLAG that things are going downhill. Once your significant other starts blatantly flirting with others it’s an obvious sign there isn’t much respect left in the relationship. It’s obvious they want to see other people and you should too.

7. You often feel criticized by your partner

If your partner always points out your faults every time you have a discussion making you feel attacked they’re not the person for you. Find someone who listens to you without judgment.

8. You constantly reminisce over the better times

When things get bad in relationships we often replay the better times as a way to have something to hold onto. If you find yourself always thinking about the better days, to get you through the tough ones, its time to give the past some rest. Times has changed and you need to let go.

9. You assume the worst in every situation

If you already foreshadow the worst in every situation negativity is already in the air. This is a result of consistent bad situations so you’re able to project a bad ending and that’s waste of energy let them go.

10. You stop doing the things you love

Doing the things you love is what keeps the spark in all relationships. The bonding over similarities helps maintain happiness within a relationship. If doing the things you both love stops that the ultimate sign things should stop there’s really no relationship with romance.

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