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Knit Picks: 4 Must-Know African Brands for Summer Knits

As the sun climbs higher and temperatures soar, our minds naturally gravitate towards breezy fabrics and light layers. But this summer, a surprising trend is taking center stage: knitwear.  While traditionally associated with cooler weather, knitwear is being reimagined for the warmer months, offering a unique blend of comfort, style, and unexpected coolness (both literally and figuratively).
Leading the charge are a new generation of African fibre artists and  designers who are pushing the boundaries of knitwear. Inspired by their heritage and incorporating bold colors, intricate patterns, and innovative techniques, they’re creating statement pieces that are as much a work of art as an article of clothing.  Musicians like Odumodublvck, with his instantly recognizable crocheted hats, are showcasing the versatility and style potential of knitwear.

Intrigued by this refreshing take on summer fashion? We’ve curated a list of 4 African knitwear brands that will elevate your wardrobe and have you looking effortlessly stylish, all season long.


If you’re a frequent Instagram scroller, you’ve likely stumbled upon a show-stopping creation by Gaea Lumi. This Nigerian brand bridges the gap between pop culture and tradition with their crochet and knitwear pieces. Their signature design? A modern interpretation of the Okpu Agu cap, the black, red, and white knitted cap that holds deep significance in Igbo culture. Gaea Lumi reimagines this iconic symbol, infusing it with contemporary flair without sacrificing its cultural essence.


Reeyah Swim is all about timeless style that’s kind on the planet. This Ghanaian brand embodies the essence of slow fashion, meticulously designing and creating exquisite swimwear, resort ready cover-ups and dresses that will be summer staples for seasons to come.


Nees Apparel  is synonymous with bold hues and effortless silhouettes. Their collections are bursting with energy, featuring dresses and shirts that instantly whisk you away to a dreamy, palm-fringed paradise. One Nees Apparel piece is all it takes to add a guaranteed dose of dopamine to your outfit.


Nigeria has long been one of the major trendsetters in African fashion, and Yarnover NG proves their expertise extends to the world of crochet. Yarnover NG takes everything we love about this craft – vibrant colors, artistic flair, and timeless style – and turns it up a notch. Expect ultra-cute knitted pieces, flirty dresses, and a sprinkle of that certain “je ne sais quoi” that makes their designs truly special.

Written By Eyram Rafael

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