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The Return of the Specs: How Nerdy is the New Sexy (From the Runways to TikTok)

Remember the days when glasses were a badge of “nerd herd” membership? Those days are as dusty as the forgotten library books you used to devour. Forget the airbrushed perfection and the endless pursuit of “likes.” The hottest accessory this season isn’t a designer handbag or the latest pair of sneakers. It’s a pair of well-chosen spectacles, and they’re silently rewriting the definition of sexy. The new sirens of style aren’t draped in borrowed confidence – they’re wielding oversized acetate frames and pocket protectors with a newfound swagger. Yes, spectacles are back, and they’re not just for correcting vision anymore. They’re the ultimate finishing touch that transforms the “dorky” into devastatingly chic.

On the runways, the transformation is nothing short of magical. Think chunky tortoiseshell frames perched atop flawlessly highlighted cheekbones, paired with sleek turtlenecks and tailored trousers. Think delicate wire rims accenting gamine pixies and bold, geometric prints. These aren’t your grandpa’s reading glasses – they’re meticulously crafted statements, each pair a declaration of individuality.

But the revolution isn’t confined to the fashion elite. It’s exploded everywhere on socials. On TikTok, the “sexy librarian” look has taken on a life of its own. But this is not the librarian as you know it, these are librarians 2.0, rocking bold eye frames with a swipe of crimson lipstick, their knowledge a power accessory as potent as any designer bag.

This trend transcends gender. Men are sporting wire-rimmed aviators with a newfound coolness, their bookish charm elevated to heartthrob status. It’s a departure from the hyper-masculine ideal, a celebration of a different kind of strength – the strength of the mind. The message is clear: intelligence is sexy. Confidence is captivating. And sometimes, the perfect pair of spectacles is the missing puzzle piece that pulls the whole look together. It’s about embracing what makes you unique, your quirks and eccentricities – and using them to your advantage.

So, dust off those vintage frames you relegated to the back of the drawer because in this new era, being a geek is the ultimate fashion statement. It’s about owning your individuality and rocking it with confidence. After all, the sexiest thing you can wear is your own unique mind, accentuated by the perfect pair of specs, of course. 

And if you’re now on the hunt for your own pair, here are some African brands you should be shopping at.

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3. Savanna Eyewear

Written By Eyram Rafael

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