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Muis On Life After “Saati Romani”

Being an artist on the rise is not an easy thing in the very competitive Nigerian music industry. However, Muis is determined to do just that and not let anything deter his trajectory to the top.

Earlier this year, the iMullar team put together a list of artists to watch in 2024, and one of the acts spotlighted was the Nigerian singer and songwriter Muis Oyindamola Ajao. In 2023, his single “Saati Ramoni” went on a heart-winning spree taking social media and streaming platforms by storm. After such an amazing run, you’d be hard-pressed to believe that the newest mononym in Afrobeats is also a final-year medical student. Straddling academia and musical success he “never planned,” Muis is a rare hybrid artist.

With an alluring Afrofusion sound and a fast-growing online community of fans, Muis has all the makings of stardom. After having his big break in 2023, the rising artist  ushered in the next phase of his career with the release of his self-titled debut project, Muis. iMullar caught up with Muis for the downlow on his new EP and life after “Saati Ramoni.”

How would you describe yourself to new listeners?

Muis is an Afrofusion singer and songwriter in Lagos, Nigeria, a final-year medical student, and a good cook.

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How instrumental was music in your upbringing?

I used to always be in the school band, choir, or random singing groups for fun. As I grew older, I realised how much I wanted to make music, and I couldn’t run from it. It’s been such an amazing journey so far.

In an African home, going to school and getting a white-collar job are of the utmost priority. How were you able to convince your parents that this is what you want to do? 

I never knew I was going to make music, I just loved it and how it made me feel. I decided in 2015 to make my music. Before that time, it was just a wild dream. [My parents] aren’t 100% convinced, and yeah, education definitely comes first. I’m currently in my final year of medical school, and I enjoy it too. I’ll be done soon.

Run us through your first recording session. How did it feel? How easy or difficult was it to write and record the music?

The memories from this day will always stay with me because I never planned it. A friend came from Ibadan and just told me, “Muis, we are making music today.”  No questions asked, no comments, he went straight into the beat production. I was just confused because he finished the beat and guided me with my writing. Next thing, we were out looking for a place to record. We found a place, begged and begged, and then we finally recorded around 8 PM. It was such an experience, and that day kickstarted the whole movement. Shout out to Asoh Emmanuel, I’m forever grateful.

You had an amazing 2023. Your viral song “Saati Ramoni,” secured you on a lot of artist-to-watch lists, including ours at iMullar. How has the song pivoted your career? And is there pressure to live up to that?

2023 was truly amazing, and “Saati Ramoni” has been a blessing. Thank you, iMullar. There’s always pressure, to be honest, it’s just the strength to not cave in. 

You kickstarted your year by announcing your self-titled debut project, Muis. Why an EP now? 

It was long overdue, and it was time to do it. We’ll see how it goes and what to do next but I enjoyed creating the project and I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to it too.

Five songs with only one feature. Could you walk us through the creative process of the tape?

Creating this project was such an experience. It took me almost a year because there were a lot of pauses with school and all. I created all the songs in my room at school and even recorded them there. I wanted five songs because I didn’t want to do too much and just test the waters with the genres. Big love to Ozedikus for the two tracks on the project, he is an OG. It wasn’t intentional to not feature other artists, at the right time, the features will start rolling in.

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One running theme on the EP is love. The writing on the project is very candid and comprehensive. What, for you, is the biggest selling point of the project? 

I’ll say the different genres, different pockets, and the writing, very intentional. 

What is your expectation for the project, and how has the reception been so far? 

The reception has been amazing, with people resonating with different tracks and holding on tightly to their favourite tracks. I have a lot of expectations and goals, but most importantly, I want the project to put me in a better position than I was and be a start for the great things I will achieve.

One thing I picked up from running through your social media is how you have a community around you. How would you say your community has helped shape your career so far? 

They have been so amazing, it’s crazy how a couple of people have been cheering since my very first song. I’m happy they are still here and supporting heavy. They have helped put my name in places and rooms that I’d only dream of. Big love to them 

Any last words for your fans and our readers? 

Thank you for all the support, I don’t take it for granted, and yeah, expect more music from me. I’m not stopping anytime soon.

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