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Keamo, A Pretoria-Based Rising Star in Alternative R&B

Keamo Molefe, better known by her stage name Keamo, is making waves as a promising R&B singer/songwriter hailing from Pretoria. Her unique blend of alternative R&B draws inspiration from her roots in jazz and classical music.

A journey from academia to the music industry marked Keamo’s path. After two years of pursuing a Bachelor of Science, she decided to follow her passion for music. This bold choice became the catalyst for her debut EP, “Growing Pains,” which delves into the turbulent emotions associated with growing up. The project touches on themes of losing relationships with loved ones and, most importantly, losing one’s sense of self. “Growing Pains” serves as an ode to those navigating the uncertainties of life, seeking their true identities and purpose.


Keamo’s NOTBENJAMIN-assisted single, “Love Is Far,” seamlessly continues the narrative of “Growing Pains.” It encapsulates the essence of unspoken love, portraying the anguish of not having the courage to express feelings to a crush. The song highlights the sense of being left out of what is considered a natural experience — love.

“Growing Pains” resonates with discomfort, mirroring the challenging journey of personal growth. Much like the painful process of human development, it reflects the hardships of evolving as an individual. Keamo acknowledges that life’s constant changes, emotional development, and the pursuit of one’s dreams can be a demanding, yet necessary, undertaking.


Keamo’s dedication and talent have already begun to pay off. Her single “Unfold Me” has become her most successful release to date, reflecting her romantic fantasies and the joys of being in love. The song, accompanied by an engaging TikTok series, gained significant traction, even breaking into the Shazam trending chart for a brief period.

An Amapiano remix of her hit single, “Unfold Me.” was released on November 10, 2023. Now, with the creative touch of DJ Lowa, the song is ready to embark on a fresh musical journey within the Amapiano genre. Keamo’s evocative vocals will seamlessly intertwine with DJ Lowa’s exceptional production skills, promising an electrifying sonic experience.

Keamo’s pursuit of musical excellence continues to capture the hearts of her audience, as she explores the complexities of life, love, and growth through her music. Her journey to success is underway, and the world eagerly awaits what’s next for this talented Pretoria artist.

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