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Hot Off The Press

Fridays are the gateway to The Weekend and what is a Good Friday without some new songs to jam to? We bring you new sounds this and every Friday to launch you into the weekend and so whenever you hear these songs playing at your favorite spot, don’t forget who put you on…

● Kojo Cue – Free Throws

“Free Throw” is a testament to Ko-Jo Cue’s technical ability and his passion for hip-hop. The track likens his wins to free throws, acknowledging how easy success comes to him while rubbing it in the faces of naysayers. “Free Throw is about celebrating wins, no matter how they come,” says Ko-Jo Cue. “It’s about acknowledging the opposition and still pushing forward. It’s about the joy of the game.” The release of “Free Throw” marks the beginning of a new chapter for Ko-Jo Cue, who is returning to music after a two-year hiatus. His upcoming EP, “I’M Back”, is scheduled for release soon and signals a return to rap. The banging song featured Joey B. 


Instagram: @kojo_cue

Twitter: @@KOJO_Cue

● Dajon AF – Big Energy 

Big Energy is an Afro-fusion song that describes the aura of a person being dimmed when surrounded by negative energy/vibe. The artist, Dajon AF, further describes his lifestyle in this song with the lyrics “Me get too much worries, that be why I’m chilling with the most high”, explaining that his connection with God is the source of his energy/aura. This song was produced by Boomin’ and mixed and mastered by Produ B, enjoy.



Twitter: @Superstar_Dajon

● Victony, – Jaga Jaga (with Babyboy AV)

On “Jaga Jaga”, Victory and Babyboy AV sing about the kind of life they’ve been living throughout their life’s journey. The kind of life that is likely to get you into trouble and other wahala but regardless of all that, they’ve stood strong and lived through it all and now have a story to tell. 


Instagram: @victony

Twitter: @vict0ny

● Niashun – Spark Op

Everything “Spark Op” sees Niashun sing about the trials and tribulations he has faced in life; a story worth talking about. Everyone goes through one thing or the other and people may or may not believe it, such is life. When everything starts to SPARK OP, they will definitely run to you to hear the story and that’s just how it is. 



Twitter: @1niashun

● Jorja Smith – falling or flying 

Featuring songs that speak on love, feelings, emotions, uncertainties, and whatnot, Jorja Smith’s “Falling or Flying” will take you on a longggg ride this weekend. With songs like “Feelings” featuring Jhus and “Greatest Gift” featuring Lila Iké, I can boldly say that there’s a song on there from every mood and every feeling. Get into Jorja’s album by clicking on the link below to stream on your favorite DSP. 


Instagram: @jorjasmith_

● K.O – Thatha (feat. Daliwonga)

In the spirit of gratitude and being grateful for life, its lessons, the good, bad, and ugly, K.O. features Daliwonga in this piece titled “Thatha”. Life will always throw things at you and your best bet is to stand strong and fight it, once you win, you’ll definitely have a story to tell.


Instagram: @mrcashtime

Twitter: MrCashtime

● Obongjayar – Who Let Him In

One of the best things you can have is self-confidence; knowing who you are, the power you have, and the impact you carry. Obongyajar knows this and that’s exactly what he’s talking about in his new single “Who Let Him In”. If you’re struggling with an identity crisis (maybe 😂) listen to this song and I hope it helps you a little bit. 


Instagram: @obongjayar

Twitter: @obongyajar

● Garey Godson, Essilfie – Let me in

It’s love season and we are getting into our feelings with Garey Godson and Essilfie on “Let Me In”. It’s a world of love and sometimes the people we love, sadly do not feel the same for us and there’s nothing we can do unless you’re Garey who puts it into music for our listening pleasure. Enjoy!


Instagram: @gareygodson

Twitter: @gareygodson

● Raybekah – My Work

Raybeka’s “My Work” acts as a sequel to her recently released rendition of “Gone Back,” which is still making waves. The new single is daring, powerful and yes she hit every note and said everything she wanted to say. It will be easy to become addicted as you listen to it, the infectious melodies and upbeat rhythms will have you singing and thumping your feet in no time.


Instagram: @raybekah\

Twitter: @Raybekah_

● Aiza – Sovereignty

According to Aiza, her debut album “Sovereignty” delves into her experiences growing up, dealing with heartbreaks, honoring her lineage, healing her inner child, and realizing that she’s the main character in her life. Each song on the album inspires you to become a better and empowered version of who or what you are now.


Instagram: @aizabby

Twitter: @aizabby

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