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Jae5 Launches First-Ever Radio Show Exclusively On Apple Music

JAE5 FM, sees the Grammy Award-winning producer, JAE5, take to the airwaves for the very first time for a special three-part series, which kicked off this past Saturday 21 January with celebrated Afroswing collective NSG.

The first episode aired this past Saturday, January 21st at 11am GMT here:

The conversations were intimate and far-reaching as JAE5 chatted to his friends about new music, their previous collaborations, and forthcoming new projects. Further episodes welcome comedian Michael Dapper and P2J, the producer behind works for Beyoncé, Wizkid, Stormzy, and FKA Twigs.

JAE5 is the critically acclaimed British-Ghanaian producer behind tracks including Dave and Burna Boy’s “Location”, J Hus’ “Did You See” and NSG’s club tune “Options”. The east Londoner’s evolutionary blend of rap production has earned him prestigious award wins Best Producer – MOBOs 2020), nominations (Best Contemporary Song – Ivor Novello 2020; Best Producer MOBO’s 2022 plus multiple BRIT and Mercury nods), and platinum records throughout his career.

On the new show, JAE5 told Apple Music host Dotty: “I’m getting involved! I’m trying to put out a show, trying to follow in your footsteps. Just want to throw a little motive, get people involved, get some of my friends out, just vibes.”

Quotes –

JAE5 Tells Dotty About The Guests Appearing on JAE5 FM…

“We got NSG, that’s fam, that’s my brothers. So had to get them to come through. Honestly, it didn’t feel like radio, didn’t feel like anything, just felt like us in the bedroom 10 years ago, just talking … I’ve got P2J, just because he’s a producer I respect highly. He’s been killing it before I was killing it, and he’s still killing it, so I had to get him in. And then, my brother, Michael Dapaah, just because he’s just the purest energy and vibes, always, so I just needed some vibes on the show.”

JAE5 Tells Dotty About What To Expect From His Conversation With P2J…

“You can expect two producers who are doing their things, from different perspectives because everyone thinks we’re competing. They don’t know we’re actually friends, and it’s a vibe, and we’re happy to be in the same space and it’s not competitive at all. And even if it is competitive, it’s very friendly, so it’s two people giving their opinion on the same space but different views on it. It’s not a versus battle. It’s actually very appreciative, so it was more… I picked what songs I liked of his and he picked what songs he liked of mine, rather than let’s class who’s better, because it’s not that vibe.”

JAE5 Tells Dotty How He Felt Becoming A Radio Host…

“It’s very uncomfortable, but I’m trying to put myself in uncomfortable situations so I can grow. You guys make it look really easy. And then, I thought, “Oh, yeah, I could do that,” and then I went on there and I was like, “Ah, okay, there’s a real skill to this.” It was humbling, but I liked it. It’s hard to naturally be entertaining when I’m a person that’s so behind the scenes and so quiet and things. It’s just not me. You guys are the ones that are full of life, and even without seeing you, just in your voice, I know you’re happy. I don’t know how to do that just yet, but I’m learning.”

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