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New Wave: Alte Women in Music Showcasing Dreamscape with their Sound


The Ability to create surreal, almost dreamlike scenes with music is a rare skill that a lot of artists today have come to master.

Today, we’ll like to spotlight Alte women in music, showcasing dreamscapes through their sound.


Solis via Instagram.

SOLIS is a 20-year-old Nigerian indie soul. She started out posting covers on Youtube before transitioning into a recording artist. Her music speaks a lot about matters of love, heartbreak, and the divine. She describes her sound as “an indie soul, lo-fi influenced, home-recorded aesthetic.” Her latest album, Stairway to Heaven, features other-worldly harmonies, sparkly soundscapes, and an overall feeling of floating through clouds


Somadina via The Native Mag.

Somadina is a 22-year-old Nigerian singer/songwriter who describes her music as genre-fluid. Every song explores a new blend of genres influenced by her life experiences and musical tastes. Her music so far has explored soulful r&b, rock, pop, alté, and afro-rock. Her 2021 single, “SuperSoma”, is a blend of punk rock music and Afropunk that exudes confidence and energy.


Preye via Instagram.

Preyé is a Nigerian soul artist whose vocal prowess ranges from gorgeous airy vocals to solid and resonant croons. Her musical storytelling invites her listeners into her world of self-assuredness, soft love, and self-actualization.  Her newly-released album, Don’t Look Down, is a smooth journey filled with dreamy synths and blends of r&b and afro-percussive rhythms.

Genre blend: Afro-fusion, RnB Soul sound.


Lordkez via Instagram.

Lordkez is a South Africa-based singer/songwriter who describes her sound as “Genre Fusion”. She creates her music according to how she feels and chooses to express herself. Her music, however, is infused with a neo-soul blend that is accentuated by her buttery yet gritty vocals. With impeccable flow, she delves into the art of rap in some of her records.

Genre blend: electronic-infused RnB, pop and rap.


SGaWD via DrummrAfrica.

SGaWD is a Nigerian rapper and singer/songwriter who uses her music to break down one-dimensional perspectives on what it means to be a female artist in Nigeria. Her records feature quick-fire rap bars, soulful r&B melodies as well as groovy house beats. She is multidimensional genre-wise, in an industry that she describes as wanting you to pick one and stick with it.

Genre blend: Rap, R&B, EDM, House.

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