Pappy Kojo by Fiifi Abban

The Relationship Between Music and Photography

Art is a visual object or experience consciously created through an expression of skill or imagination, of which photography is a part of it.

We can say that music and photography have similarities in many ways. Listening to music can take you to visual memories, providing you to develop that habit of viewing, listening closely, and vice versa

Amaarae for Pitchfork. Shot by Carlos Idun-Tawiah.

Both arts are artistic expressions, can also be seen in the therapeutic field, and are associated with a piece of happy melody, movement and others. 

Artistes with their producers and collaborators know when and where the exact beat is; they know when to drag it, push it, lighten and heighten the pieces’ impact and create a massive effect on the listener.

Black Sherif for Audiomack “Keep The Beat Going” Campaign. Shot by Fiifi Abban.

Moreover, photographers call it the decisive moment. They learn to know the key of photography naturally, like when/how to press the shutter, adjusting the compositional elements, the lighting, and being liable about the surroundings to assemble that necessary impact in a shot, etc. These create the best piece of images, which is equivalent to music.

Photographers such as Fiifi Abban, Twinsdntbeg, Prince Gyasi, Carlos Idun-Tawiah, Tse, Stephen Tayo, Opeimu, Kofi Duah, and Kwabena Sekyi Appiah-nti are great at capturing these decisive moments and generating pieces that create impacts on artists and art curators.

Wizkid for GQ. Shot by Prince Gyasi.

Photographers and musicians work hand to hand to create and promote themselves. These two field works in symbiosis by creating history, so the primary modality that plays almost all the part is in building or destroying a piece of art from one step to another to have the end image that represents the defined definition of both worlds.

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