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Review: “5 Star” by King Promise

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On his second album, he is far mature as an artist as compared to his debut. It’s the same theme, but a “5 Star” experience of ode that revels in beauty and the tiniest details of Love, scheming  & nightlife.

It feels like just yesterday when his guest feature on Vision DJ’s “Double Trouble” with Sarkodie made waves; he has been the one to watch since and has delivered numerous hits since 2017, despite the constant snub from Ghana’s most prestigious Awards show, he is still a force to be reckoned with.

 Gregory was bound to learn with time and age into a more mature artiste thanks to his relationship with Killbeatz, and that’s what this album shows. As expected, the album is centred around his daily routine, and the intro’s title is linked to one thing he enjoys doing when not making music, football.

“Iniesta” is like a fair warning. He sounds soft but threatening. He wants it all, aiming for the head per his lyrics, for an album with a title that screams quality, a little brutality won’t hurt, the album’s first half has a smooth run, “How dare you” is an endearing way to question your lover’s pull with wry humour.


His lyrics show how deep his love is, with a sauntering production that balances his vulnerability, stuffing the song with massive replay value. During Omah Lay’s stay in Accra, he was spotted with King Promise making a toast to their friendship, a gesture that showed the two had worked on a couple of records, fast forward “Ten Toes” appears as the third track on 5-star and it doesn’t disappoint, produced by Guilty Beatz.

The Melodic dimension sits perfectly on the duo’s vocals, with quality verses that elevate the song to a different dimension. Omah Lay doesn’t sound alone here. He shares his frustration with Promise, and they carry the song to the Finish line; it’s accompanied by a visual that seems them active as ever in a drop-top. 

Prior to the album’s release, it was introduced with lead singles “Slow down”, and “Chop life”, which was a smash hit thanks to the repetition’s hypnotic effects and “Ginger”, which marks his first record with JAE5. “Ring my line” is still a balanced record thanks to Headie one’s gritty appearance. Afrobeats is a universal genre; it can blend with any sound or element of life.

The kinship between sensual songs and Afrobeats is a heavenly one, and that’s King Promise’s stronghold; he is in his bedroom bully mode on “Put you on”, and who best can be the guy in the chair orchestrating things if not Killbeatz? The gentle synths along the song’s edges allow Promise’s voice to ascend gently to his lover.


He’s in the mood to introduce his lover to his 5-star status and brags a bit about his assets; it’s the type of song you can play during a homemade dinner date. Straight to the bedroom after finishing a bottle of sparkling wine, it’s almost the same thing on “Yaa Asantewaa” but a bit fast-paced, and Frenna’s presence represents a natural extension of the song’s theme.

The album’s guest list is distinct, from British Afroswing collective, WSTRN’s takeover on “Bad & Rude”  to Bisa Kdei’s simplicity which has a charm of its own on “Carry Me Go”.

“Maria” is a love record anchored by the steady thumps of highlife production; it’s the typical classic Ghanaian love song that will get played during a 50+ aged house party on a Sunday afternoon. The type of modernized-hiplife tune is viable for all. 

Undoubtedly the most beautiful record on this album, “Run to you” has a carefully curated contrast; at first sight on the track list, you’d expect it to be a hip-hop anthem because of Chance the Rapper & Vic Mensa’s presence, but instead, King Promise welcomes them.

Into his crooning sessions, it’s a transportive ballad, with its best moments coming from Vic and chance glistening and gliding in between their verses about their lovers, while promise delivers a vocal experience that makes him an aspirational avatar for the vocal scene in his country. Overall it’s a very rare collaboration that turned out perfect for all three parties.  “5 star” offers an introspective blend of Afrobeats, Afro-soul and pop anthems that seeks to claim the spotlight his talents warrant.

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