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On Rotation: Songs you need in your life this week

Every week, the iMullar staff round up ten songs we cannot stop listening to, thus forming the weekly list of songs known as “On Rotation.” You heard these recommendations here first. From the UK to Nigeria, each track from this week’s selections is guaranteed to be a vibe.

1. D-Truce – Walahi (feat. Tidé)

A heartbreak song will make you whine your waist rather than shed a tear. D-Truce and Tidé did not come to play with us on this new track. Get into it. ‘Walahi’ is currently a personal favourite. I suggest you sit tight as I hear D-Truce is working on something special.

2. Yugoszn – Lies

A tune to set the mood right. I did not know what to expect as this was the first time I had come across Yugoszn, but I promise you will not be disappointed. Take a listen to ‘Lies’ right now!

3. Timaya – Get My Money Right

What a beautiful song. The vibes are just right; it’s giving cocktails by the pool. Timaya did not disappoint with his new track ‘Get My Money Right’ get into it!

4. Lucianne – Te Amo

A personal fav, I love Lucianne and was glad to hear that she had dropped new music. If you do not know about Lucianne, I suggest you listen to her music. She is definitely next up!

5. Dennis Gaimion, 420 Haze – Three Chambers

Another track that caught me off guard. I love a trap tune. Let’s just say it reminded me of Miami, clubbing in Miami, to be precise. If this sounds like a bit of you, then I suggest you get into it.

6. Fonzie – 2AM SOMEWHERE

Another personal favourite, Fonzie did not come to play with this new track. I suggest you hit that play button..

7. Lamie – Sugar Daddy

This track by Lamie is GIVING, from the beat to the lyrics. I am in love. I am sure we will hear this one at the clubs this Detty December. I am ready.

8. Maryolive – September

All I can say is if you need a therapeutic track to get your week started, then ‘September’ is the track for you.

9. PhanxxSungChild – Money

PhaxxSungChild is truly unique, his sound and latest project, ‘Sunset Cantata 2’ is like nothing I have heard before.

10. badthesoundboy – Falling For You

A tune that is bound to take the clubs by storm. badthesoundboy did not come to play with his new track ‘Falling For You’.

On Rotation is your weekly dose of musical geniuses to your library. Our editors update this playlist frequently, so if you see something you like, go ahead and add it to your library.

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