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On Rotation: Songs you need in your life this week

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Every week, the iMullar staff round up ten songs we cannot stop listening to, forming the weekly list of songs known as “On Rotation”. You heard these recommendations here first, add to your library if you hear something you like.

1. J-WEEZY – Come Over 

With sprinklings of guitar riffs on the mid-tempo riddim, ‘Come Over’ is a track that deserves to be listened to when the sun is shining. Forming part of the soundtrack to #SoftLife summer, the tropical vibe wills every worry and stress away.

2. Maya Amolo – Can’t Get Enough

The latest offering from Kenyan singer-songwriter, Maya Amolo. With her mesmerizing R&B vocals gracing the gentle instrumental; an intimate vibe is set. There is something about the last 30 seconds of the track. The absence of any vocals just allows for it to be put on the loop so easily. Aptly titled, it is a track you simply won’t get tired of.

3. Emmanuel Best x Droxx – Outside

Coming off their collaborative EP, ‘Ex Parte’, as pioneers of the sound in the region, the pair have been active in the advancement of drill wave in Nigeria. They combine melodic hooks with hard-hitting drill beats containing elements reminiscent of the UK genre, Grime. You can catch us rinsing this track outside all summer. 

4. Masterkraft featuring Chike – Hosanna

From our new favorite unofficial pairing, we have this uplifting gospel track. Chike, assisted by additional choir vocals, croons over the full amapiano-tinged instrumental. Not a track you can listen to and remain seated, joy and gratitude emanate from this song and the accompanying visual.

5. Demmi – Tonight

Whilst you are still on your feet dancing from the last track, we have another rhythmic record for you. An incredibly danceable beat with lyrics that invite fun and good vibes: the perfect addition to any party playlist.

6. ADUFA – Run To

The Ghanian songstress can be compared to the likes of Gyakie. She has a similar rich tone in her vocals that serves the sole purpose of enthralling a listener. The stripped-back track is made more interesting by the inclusion of both sung and rapped verses.

7. Marzz – Countless Times 

Still, in the R&B mood, US-based artist Marzz has strong choir-born vocals. Vocals that beg for every song to be delivered with an acoustic rendition. The simplistic production on ‘Countless Times’ is in her favour. Her prowess is truly showcased. Demonstrating such raw and vulnerable lyricism, Marzz bears her heart on this track

8. King Garo – Bedroom Girl

From his EP released at the tail end of last year, ‘No Skip’, the project is precisely that: without filler. Every track hits. ‘Bedroom Girl’, situated midway through the project, is a great representation of this. Crafted for replay, the song is an excellent vibe.

9. Tasha Kodua featuring Babel – My Lover

A valid inclusion to any spring or summer wedding playlists, the wholesome romantic track is from Tasha in collaboration with Babel. Their two verses fit together like jigsaw pieces. As a result, we have this harmonious track.

10. SALAM TSC – Soul Travels

There is no formula for a real soulful track: it can’t be artificially forged or accidentally stumbled upon. Yet, it is something that comes naturally to Salam. Another well-titled single. The beautiful track will transport you, soul-included, wherever his tender vocals lead.

On rotation is your weekly dose of musical geniuses to your library. Our editors update this playlist very frequently so if you see something you like, then go ahead and add it to your library.

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