On Rotation: Songs You Need in Your Life This Week

Every week, the iMullar staff round up ten songs we can’t stop listening to which forms the weekly list of songs known as “On Rotation.” You heard these combinations here first. From South to West Africa, then to the UK, each track is guaranteed to be a vibe.

1. Yinka Bernie – Jaded

The king of mellow grooves, Yinka Bernie gets it right each time. In a world of his own, Yinka experiments and redefines sounds. Catch me vibing to this number for a chilled evening in.

2. Benjiflow ft Oxlade – My Bella

I do not think I could have imagined a collab with Benjiflow and Oxlade. However, both of their sounds gel nicely together delivering a smooth and melodic track; great for serenading your personal person.

3. Minz – 234

Back like he never left, Minz hits the scene with his official single of 2021. He delves into a new space by self-producing for the first time and if I am being honest, he did a pretty good job. Catchy lyrics with a sharp beat. I am looking forward to hearing what else Minz has in store for us.

4. Azanti – Latan

Slow whining. Drink in one hand. The other one in the air. The hook on this track is where it’s at for me. A lamba infused rhythm that is sure to have you feeling a type of way!

5. Mannywellz – Sweet & Tender

This track is too sweet for me not to revisit. Mannywellz depicts a beautiful picture of love giving his audience the chance to be receivers of that. He does not shy away from showing his vulnerability and charm which is more reason for me to love this track.

6. Oladapo – Fine

Off his debut EP, Blind, Oladapo serves up sweet and melodic sounds on this track. Oladapo reaches in his R&B bag and shows us just how smooth he can be by getting the attention of his muse.

7. Ria Sean – Satisfy My Soul

Ria Sean flaunts her originality and her ability to genre bend. She also has a sensual and euphoric tone and navigates feelings that are relatable and real.

8. Flozigg ft Eimizah – Inner Piece

If you love R&B and neo-soul as much as I do, this track should be right up your street! Flozigg and Eimizah compliment each other so well. With Flozigg’s laid back vibe and Eimizah’s soulful voice. they sing about healing, finding themselves but most importantly, letting go in order to have inner peace. All in all a perfect reminder that we all need to tend to our garden every now and then.

9. Anastasia ft Jenomé – 20 Shades

This is another neo-soul/R&B number but with nostalgia vibes on 100. ’20 Shades’ has nostalgia written all over it but gives a refreshing taste with modern and relatable lyrics. Anastasia’s sultry laid back verses with Jenomé’s sweet vocals are sure to leave you in a trance.

10. M3NSA – Forward

A funk filled Afro-electric record off the Ghanaian rap legend’s newest tape, Bondzie. Forward is a short yet sweet sounding track which allows M3NSA to glide across the eclectic production sharing uplifting lessons and advice in pidgin.

On rotation is your weekly dose of musical geniuses to your library. Our editors update this playlist very frequently–so if you see something you like, add to your library.

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