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Exclusive: Upclose with MzVee on newest single “Coming Home”

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Growth is an essential part of an artist’s journey. Being able to witness the metamorphosis of an artist’s craft and the evolution of their image and brand identity is usually a contributing factor in developing and maintaining a fan base. A true sense of connectivity emerges when fans feel a part of an artist’s growth and journey.

Music is me. It keeps me going, so there is no way I will put it aside. I can’t imagine going through my day without music. – MzVee

Nine years ago, we embarked on this journey of growth with MzVee as she burst onto the music scene as a part of the girl group D3. Since arriving in the music industry, we have seen MzVee blossom into a dynamic artist who has established a strong brand and identity for herself within the industry. 


Known for her natural girl image and vibrant personality, fans have come to love the artist as well as the brand known as MzVee. Dabbling in sounds such as Afropop, dancehall, and R&B, MzVee has cultivated a winsome catalog filled with feel-good ballads and relatable jams. 

Nearing almost ten years within the music industry, MzVee adds to her impressive catalog with her newest release ‘Coming Home’ featuring the African Bad Gyal, Tiwa Savage. Coming Home can be described as a heartfelt ballad all about the emotions centered around love.

IMULLAR met with MzVee as she detailed her growth and evolution within the music industry as well as insight into the creation of her new release ‘ Coming Home.’ Faced with her bright smile and an open demeanor, we dived into the conversation:

Fans were first introduced to you as a part of a girl group, how was your transition into becoming a solo artist?

That transition was tough because even though it was a short time of one year, I felt like I had known these girls for the longest time. We had built a strong bond quickly. I went to high school with one of my band members, so there was a connection. We were like sisters. I am naturally a shy person, so I wasn’t the person that was out there. It was nice having support and people around you to keep you going in something new something we weren’t familiar with. Having two girls by side was an absolutely amazing experience. We cried together and experience fear together, so becoming a solo artist was really tough. I felt alone for the very first time. I had to learn to maneuver and attack everything on my own.

As an artist what does the word identify mean to you?

Identity is specific to you. It defines who you are.

During your career as a solo artist, we have witnessed you play around with various sounds. How would you describe your sound and the music you make today?

My sound is changing and versatile. It is my art. I don’t feel like I should be put in any box at all. Music is feeling and art. I can decide to be an R&B artist but where is the fun in that, so I like to change up things and have a good time

What genres of music are you attracted to when creating music or even picking beats?

That is a hard question. It must speak to me; whatever is playing just has to speak to me. My producer can come and play different beats for me, but what works the best is me falling in love with a beat. It really doesn’t matter the genre.

What motivates you to continue to create and make music?

Music is me. It keeps me going, so there is no way I will put it aside. I can’t imagine going through my day without music. It is that one thing that connects everyone constantly. Music is my motivation and is the reason for everything.

What is the inspiration behind the creation of Coming Home?

‘Coming Home’ is a love song. I love love. Love is the one theme I have always sung about in my career. ‘Coming Home’ is just one of those songs that celebrates love.

MzVee getting up close and personal on "Coming Home"

How did the feature come about? Why Tiwa Savage?

I meet Tiwa a few years ago in Nigeria. At band rehearsal, we had an interaction (Hello and Hi). Then many years later, I recorded this song. All my people and I were sitting listening to the song and were thinking who we could put on the song, and everyone said her name. 

I decide to reach out on Instagram, and she was down. We sent over the song, and she recorded it and sent it back.

How was collaborating with Tiwa Savage?

It was a fun shoot. She is very easygoing. I was surprised she was able to make it to the shoot because she had just lost someone close to her. I didn’t expect her to come but she made sure that she put the work first.

What do you want fans to take away when listening to coming home?

I want it to be a nostalgic experience. I want people to feel happy when listening to the song.

What is next for MzVee?

I am working on my album for next year. The song featuring Tiwa is a track off the upcoming album. So ‘Coming Home,’ is just a taste of what is to come. I have some amazing collaborations on the album. Next year will mark ten years since I entered the music industry, so I’m excited about this project.

Watch and Enjoy ‘Coming Home’

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