4 Projects You Should Listen to Again.

Also stream their new releases too if this is your very first encounter with their sound.

Dami Oniru – Bri’s Lounge

Bri’s Lounge is short & sweet but has you longing for more. The mellow introduction of ‘Higher’ eases you nicely into the percussions of ‘Alive’ whilst maintaining that laid-back vibe.

The only feature is with Remi Baggins on ‘See’ and they compliment each other so well on this track. Bri’s Lounge is definitely one of my ‘no skips’ projects as it flows together beautifully.

Dami has hinted at new music hitting our sound waves soon so don’t dull; have a relisten of Bri’s Lounge in the meantime to satisfy your tastebuds!


This EP embodies the concept of ‘afrobeats + chill’. A seamless journey of an array of beats, Melvitto uses melodious strings, synths, classic drums and bass lines hitting in all the right places.

Melvitto joined forces with Gabzy and Oxlade to pour out their feelings with their lyricism. This is either to get you in your feelings or feeling some type of way.

AYLO – dnt’dlt

AYLØ definitely piques my interest in this project. He ushers us in with the soothing sound of ‘I Listen to You”; then refreshes our soundwaves with hip hop elements on ‘Pretty Mama’ showing off his flair for rap. 

The likes of Fasina, Mojo and more are featured on this project serving us variety on a platter.

AYLØ does not have to do too much for his audience to feel his vibe.

Odunsi (The Engine) – rare

Is it safe to say Odunsi is one of the pioneers of alte? Welp, I said it.

Odunsi offers an assortment of sounds on this project which portrays his creative knack to take, borrow and innovate new sounds.

This album is out of the box and in a limitless space.

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