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Watch: Gyakie “Need Me” Visuals

Gyakie has released fresh visuals for her latest single Need Me.

Need Me’s first five seconds are serene following the sounds of waves crashing at the feet of an ethereal and pensive Gyakie poised by a cerulean sea. The video is a vision of watery serenity to accompany her equally calming and emotional record, ‘Need Me’. The track is an earnest confession of love delivered in Gyakie’s signature low register. 

Conveying her longing yet the uncertainty of her confession, Need Me’s visuals are a one-woman show of stunning vocals and acting chops. The beach theme from the opening scene runs throughout the video. From the deep blue walls, we find our songstress surrounded by, to the sand white backgrounds and the lush island greenery depicted in the surrounding natural foliage. 

Never pulling the viewer from their seaside experience, it seems deliberate as mementos of the beach are present in several shots. However, the visionary behind the video, director and videographer Andy Madjitey, tells a different story of spontaneously discovering locations and moments to shoot amidst Gyakie’s many performance commitments.

@danielkons for @DSTNGR

Due to the time crunch, he decided to let her captivating screen presence and soulful voice take center stage. “Gyakie is an amazing performer so we decided to give her space to embody the emotions the song has”, Ultimately explaining the effortless and authentic feel of the video.

As part of iMullar’s top 31 acts to watch out for, Flip the Music’s Stargirl, Gyakie continues to impress, floating to the top of the charts with the same air of sophistication and undeniable talent that made us fall in love with the songstress in the first place. We hope to see this buzzing starlet attain higher heights.

Keep your eye on Gyakie!

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