EYECANDY: New Visuals from Apex Village, Jay Bhad, Yung Demz, Turunesh and more

Asakaa Boys

Visuals often give a fresh, new perspective on previously released tracks. A good video will give fans a sense of where their favorite artiste was mentally and creatively when making their favorite song. As an artiste, connecting with your audience is extremely important and dope visuals are just another way for the new generation of stars to tell their story on their own terms. So without further ado here is a roundup of some visuals we fell in love with this week.

Turunesh – Cigarette 

First up is this steamy, smoky video starring Tanzanian-Ethiopian songstress, Turunesh directed by Jan Ubeda.  In a dimly lit yet stimulating visual littered with dramatic props, from a derelict warehouse, a drop-top vintage car to strangers and their writhing bodies, Cigarette’s aesthetic presses all the right buttons. Flashes of intimate moments between lovers and addictive substances paired with the singer’s haunting vocals perfectly accompany the sensual subject material. Capturing the rush, heat, and hesitation of new encounters and lovers, Turunesh’s Cigarette unravels the story of passion. Get into these vibes, watch Cigarette now.

Jay Bhad-Y3 Y3 Dom-Reggie, O’Kenneth, Kawabanga, City Boy, Skyface SDW, Kwaku DMC

Directed by Junie Annan, Jay Bhad’s Y3 Y3 Dom celebrates Asante warrior roots portraying the Asaaka boys as traditional soldiers preparing for battle. Pushing forward the spirit of unity and togetherness, Y3 Y3 Dom is a powerful battle cry for anyone attempting to step into their crew. Though each of the Kumerica boys are musicians in their own right, their various cliques rose to the very top of Ghanaian charts the only way they knew how, by doing it together. Another anthem for the streets done and dusted.  Kumerica to the World! Watch Y3 Y3 Dom now.

Marv OTM & Psycho YP-Rain Dance Chain Dance 

The Apex Village boys are back with another banger and accompanying visuals. Rain Dance Chain Dance black and white shots are filled with manifestations of wealth and enjoyment for this mob of young dons. The track covers various flexes from designer clothes to bad bitches who own homes featuring a mob-inspired dinner, money rain, and of course cameos from the whole gang. The Apex Village boys are serving the waves and we are all just along for the ride. Watch Rain Dance Chain Dance here.


Giving us serious Avatar vibes, Buju creates a literal visual translation of the contrast between the constraints he feels from everyday society and the need to inevitably break free. The star sells this mini cinematic video serving in a straitjacket whilst being poked and prodded by curious but unamused spectators which then switches to subsequent shots of him in a jungle-like environment surrounded by colorful and exotic birds. Cleverly named Outside, it seems like Buju is ready for the spotlight and the scrutiny it comes with. Watch Buju’s Outside now.

Yung Demz-Fever

In this stunning romantic one-on-one video directed by David Duncan, Yung Demz and his love interest @BijouBaidoe play young lovers relishing each other’s company. Nostalgic shots of a parked car on a mountain top remind us of every 80s romantic teen movie ever, throw in the budding star in a leather motorcycle jacket with letters and this rom-com is ready to watch. These fun visuals even feature a chaotic moment where the two lovers smash a TV together tying up all the angst, passion, and fun of young love in an adorable package. Watch Yung Demz’ Fever now.

Rema- Soundgasm 

Another banger! Rema is giving us grown and sexy. This superstar’s only competition is himself and maybe his beautiful leading ladies who seem to outdance him in every video. The sensual video is stripped and minimalistic featuring Rema and his co-star in an abandoned location. Maybe a metaphor for how nothing else matters when they are experiencing soundgasm after soundgasm…You know the vibes.


Barphul ft Yaw Tog- Perfect 

In this luxurious video directed by Akwadaa Nyame, newcomer Barphul holds her own against Ghana’s golden boy Yaw Tog. Maintaining the drill edge, the two trade verses on the extent of their gifts and perfection. Surrounded by a fancy dinner, money, and beautiful women, Yaw looks right at home. Barphul gifts us some spicy, quality boudoir shots that send the message that a boss babe has arrived. Watch Perfect now.


Avit – Cantona

Another spicy boy meets girl storyline or maybe boy bothers girl for a minute until he convinces her to come to his party.  Complete with flashes of red light that remind us of that infamous #SilhouetteChallenge to Avit watching his love interest stretching it out with her girls at the park all ending with a kickback where he and his lady friend finally connect. One thing Avit is is persistent and Cantona’s video does not miss. Watch Cantona now.

Kev & Grenade- King Promise 

The fire duo are back with a drill inspired track called King Promise. Cladded in all black, surrounded by their gang, the duo invoke a classic drill aesthetic featuring the whole crew  with some interesting cameos by DJ Krept and more . Voicing out how ordinary things cannot move them again because they are chilling with the likes of King Promise, it seems like these two are confirming they are ready to move on to bigger and better things.

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