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Kuukua Eshun on Storytelling & Emotive Filmmaking

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Kuukua Eshun is a Ghanaian American creative who works in film and activism. Known as a filmmaker, director, poet, and writer, Kuukua Eshun is a creative dedicated to the art of storytelling. With a distinct eye for fashion as well as a keen ability to bring stories to life, Kuukua Eshun can be considered a modern-day renaissance woman. Kuukua’s creations have served as a voice for the underprivileged and raised awareness about various societal issues like mental health through her writing and film production. 


M-How would you describe yourself to a person who is not familiar with who you are?

I would say that I am full of life. I am made up of a lot of emotions, experiences, words, and stories. I am very bubbly.  I love to be present in the moment therefore, I make sure I am in the moment and that I am living in the moment. I am a storyteller. I tell stories. I tell stories through film. I write. I direct. I produce. I work on anything that has to do with visual storytelling and motions. I am a filmmaker and a storyteller. 

M-Tell us about your background in poetry. How does poetry shaped storytelling?

Poetry is one of the gifts God gave me.  It is a part of my glory because I wouldn’t be able to tell stories without poetry. Every single film, and every single visual I have ever made has always been born from poems. Even when clients come to work with me, it starts with a poem. I am able to tell stories because I have this gift. Poetry is the root of who I am. 

M-Why is storytelling important?

Storytelling is important because that is my purpose. I want to touch people’s lives and put into perspective the stories we don’t see or hear as Africans. Storytelling is so important because it puts everything into perspective. I am very soft in my storytelling. My storytelling is bold yet very soft. 

M-What would you consider the most beautiful part of storytelling?

You get to tell stories of people you’ve never even met. Being an African woman we share similar experiences and only through stories do we get to see our commonalities. 

M-When did your interest in activism peak?

I have always been the type of woman to speak up and let my voice be heard. I am never the woman to silence my voice and I don’t plan on being that woman. It started from a young age, I would express myself through my poems. When I was in High School,  I wrote poems about a lot of things. I got a chance to get my poem published and I was like “Oh My gosh I do have a voice.”   I realized that my voice is important. Every time I find myself in a place or space that needs my voice or opinion, I best believe I will speak up. It is a part of my purpose and storytelling.


M-What has been your greatest challenge within the industry you find yourself in?

The biggest challenge I have as a director, writer, filmmaker, and storyteller is the fact that I find myself being one of the few women in the room no matter where I go. There are not enough women and I am not really sure why. 

M-Do you have any words of advice for women wanting to establish themselves with this industry?

If you have an idea and you never share it or create it, no one will know about your idea. My thing is that if you have the stories to tell and stories you believe in, please put them out there. It is not about you; it is way bigger than you. There may be a message in there that can change someone’s life. Your purpose is tied to other people, so when you decide not to go for it you block other people’s journey and purpose as well. So just go for it.

M-What is next for Kuukua?

There are some international jobs I’m excited for the world to see as well as some personal projects I have done. The next thing is to just watch out and be a part of my journey. There is also a documentary about sexual violence that we will put out sometime this year. It is heavy but needed. It is my way of raising awareness around sexual assault.

Make sure you check out Kuukua Eshun’s latest film, “Act of Love.” and more here.

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