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Review: It took about a decade for DRB Lasgidi to put together their project, ‘Pioneers’.

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Review: It took about a decade for DRB Lasgidi – BOJ, Teezee, and Fresh L, to put together their newly released album, ‘Pioneers’.

On their new project, the restlessly creative group returns with a compelling but era-defining project with a trademark that has run through their sounds in the past decade. 

Formerly known as “Rap Royals”, the group went through a series of reshuffling before finally settling for DRB which means Double R “Rap Royals” Boys


“Pioneers” is a 12-song stuffed project that breathes the group’s trademark sound, Afrobeats. On well laced Afrobeats elements with melodies and ear-bending beats that shift, split, or branch out enough to accommodate the myriad of performing styles, the production sets the pace for the usual suspects (Boj, Teeze, Fresh L) who lay down their writing skills on all songs, with a perfect intro for the album.

Let’s take a look at the songs and featured artists

Softly” is peak DRB LASGIDI, Classic Boj chorus accompanied by heavy drums and sweet melodies, a soothing verse from Teeze and sonic swag from Fresh L, Everything a fan would ask for. Probably one of the top songs on the project.

Ma Pariwo” is a parade of good verses, with Boj in the control room again, however, the feature is the standout, if anyone was going to ride the beat with elite vocals, it was no other than Alté Queen, Lady Donli. The Nigerian Artiste sparks the song with her refreshing voice, painting the song with her trademark. 

Speaking of features, the rest are insanely good, on “Kasala” Prettyboy-Do Channels his inner Runtown, singing his heart out with ease. 

A little drift off from Afrobeats, yet still on excellent features, Santi spearheads the Alté scene on “Salty” doing what he does best on a Genio Production, uniformed flows, Fierce lyrics, the same energy is rotated throughout the other features with Maison2500 leveling the song with a mumble type of verse. 

Halfway into the album and “Trouble” was powered by Tems who uses her stunning voice to navigate trouble and DRB trademark. 

Leading singles “Necessary” and “Based On” still slaps but “Shomo” is what will get you on your toes, and “Next Gen” is what you’ll see everyone vibe to at an Alté House Party. They round the project off with “The Game”, a two-minute skit- like on the ups and downs of the group, sealing off a project that shares the journey Pioneers.

The Group’s ability to submerges Afrobeats instrumentals into a bubbling groove with a fair taste of Alté is another reason why they are Pioneers on the kind of Wave they make.

“Pioneers” is almost unskippable. Listen on  Apple Music ‘Pioneers’ here.


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