True Beholders

True Beholder

Exactly four years ago, I decided to write a piece about beauty. This week, I share this piece with the hopes of inspiring and uplifting individuals who are on a journey towards self-love. Enjoy this short piece about beauty accompanied by some of my favourite songs.

Beauty is a woman’s pride, so why is it hard for me to call myself beautiful. The images I see don’t look like me. I see shades of white, brown, and tan but none like me. I see structures,e so tall and so thin but none like me. You see, I have chocolate skin not too light not too dark. I have a wide nose which I think fits my face, but some find it big. I have small eyes and specks of details that flow through my face as if I was handcrafted. Details place thoroughly throughout my body, little moles, freckles, and birthmarks which identify me as unique. I’m one of a kind consider me a rare gem, so why is it hard for me to call myself beautiful.

Don’t tell me I have low esteem because I do. Don’t tell me I’m insecure because I am. Why shouldn’t I. Don’t point out the obvious instead dig deeper? I wasn’t told I was beautiful, so how would I know what beauty truly is. From a young age, I was taught that to be beautiful I must have European features, so this means the straight hair, narrow nose, and most importantly fair skin. So I rush to bleach my skin, perm my kinky Nubian hair and I try to fix everything they considered imperfect. The creator’s perfection turned flawed. But still what is beauty?

You see, I was taught to question everything about me, from my face down to my beliefs. I was taught to only doubt never to love; to be dependent rather than to free. I am enslaved to my insecurities and trapped in a nonexistent reality where my kind isn’t beautiful.

Yet they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but who is my beholder? I pondered on this question, and then I realized that you must learn to be your own beholder and create your own definition of beauty. One must identify what features they love about themselves and in the society around them in order to define such a word as beauty.  Lupita Nyong’o stated, “you can’t rely on how you look to sustain you. What does sustain us… what is fundamentally beautiful is compassion for yourself and for those around you. That kind of beauty enflames the heart and enchants the soul.” Despite society and media perceptions, beauty does not consist only of physical appearance; an individual can be beautiful in so many ways. Everyone possesses a form of beauty, but not everyone may see it.

Beauty is universal, but in society, beauty has become a quest. This is a quest to become something that we are not, a quest to exemplify something foreign to us. As individuals, we need to acknowledge what is beautiful about us and embrace it to the fullest.

This week the category is ” Me, Myself, and I.”

EL- Most Beautiful Girl

We all have insecurities and most of the time our insecurities are targeted towards the outer appearance. Who doesn’t want to hear the words “Your Beautiful” or Your Pretty.” When you listen to EL’s Most Beautiful Girl allow yourself to become the Most Beautiful Girl.

Efya – Life

Reflections are key in the journey towards self-love. Sometimes we all need a minute to reflect on our journey thus far. If you are in the mood to reminisce on your journey and experience, then Life is the song for you. Efya delivers a heartfelt song chronicling her trials and triumphs in becoming an icon in the Ghanaian Music industry.

Mutombo Da Poet – X-Ray

Looks can truly be deceiving. This idea will linger in the depths of your mind after listening to X-Ray. X-ray is a brilliant piece that provides introspect into the narrator’s idea of self and who he presents to be.

Tawiah –  Faces

Feeling lost is a difficult feeling to unpack. The vulnerability, the level of loneliness, as well as the feeling of hopelessness. Faces capture the idea of feeling lost so well. Enjoy this lovely piece by Tawiah.

Irene Logan – Na Me Dey There

Heartbreak is a painful yet transformative rite of passage. Irene Logan effortlessly delivers a power piece entitled Na Me Dey There. This song details the struggles and pain often time associated with experiencing heartbreak.

Trigmatic – My Life

Unapologetically raw! My Life quintessential expresses all the thoughts we all think but at times are afraid to express about our own lives. Trigmatic touches on all the right topics to ponder your path. In 2019, Trigmatic remixed My Life.

Luther- Don’t Judge

Fear of judgment is a relatable fear amongst most human beings. No one wants to be judged or made to feel less than. Luther recreates Chris Brown’s, Don’t Judge Me and adds his unique voice to this emotional ballad.

M.anifest – No Shortcut to Heaven ft. Obrafour

There are no shortcuts to heaven! This song exemplifies the simplicity and beauty in good music No Shortcut to Heaven conceptualized a very simple message in such an intricate way. Vibe out to the verses of strategic wordplay and inspirational lyrics.

M3nsa – Anaa

Black is beautiful, God knows what he was doing.

Fall in love with this acoustic version of Anaa which is off the album No 1 Mango Street. Mensa thrills listener with this thought-provoking song, that will have you thinking Anaa.

Chase Forever- Saman

The ability to over situations and demonstrate resilience is a beautiful thing. Saman is a soothing highlife song infused with afrobeat elements detailing the idea of disappearing. Disappearing like a ghost, and letting go of what once was.

Enjoy and continue to embrace who you are as we continue to persevere through these difficult times.


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