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Don’t be Thirsty. Be Flirty!!

Dating Advice

I’m sorry (not), but it has come to my attention that being labeled as “thirsty” has created some issues. People are so concerned with not being labeled as someone who’s the aggressor that they miss out on opportunities to seek out the person they’re interested in pursuing. Countless times, I’ve heard people say “oh lemme fall back, I don’t want to come off as thirsty.” But the ridiculous part is,  what’s  being labeled as thirsty:

1. Apparently following the person you like on Instagram

2. Approaching the person that peaks your interest

3. Showing interest before the person does

4. Expressing your feelings for that person

Since when is expressing interest in someone being thirsty?  If that’s the case, then label me as thirsty because I could care less. Personally, if I like someone then  I will seek that person out! Life is too short to not act on these emotions/feelings.


People worry too much about being thirsty that they forget about the pursuit of their current crushes.  Don’t lose track of someone because you’re too afraid to act on your feelings. Trust me, if you can’t, then someone will!  People can be oblivious to your feelings. They will never know those feelings exist until you present them but that won’t happen because you’re currently caught up on not being labeled “thirsty”.  Meanwhile, you’re upset and depressed because you missed out on the opportunity and now believe that there’s no one for you. But frankly, it’s your fault it happened; yet again that’s none of my business though right?

Furthermore, learn to let your pride go because it’s the reason you might be single! Stop it, it’s holding you back! It’s summertime! Have fun, party, work, enjoy the sun and try to at least secure a “bae.”

Remember you’re being flirty, not thirsty!

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