amaarae roses are red tears are blue a fountain baby extended play Cover Art

Roses Are Red, Tears Are Blue, Fountain Baby EP: A Sonic Poetry by Amaarae

Off the back of her successful tour and release of her Angels in Tibet Pack, Ghanaian popstar Amaarae releases the highly anticipated deluxe of her chart-topping album Fountain Baby. The project arrives just in time for Fountain Baby’s 1 billion stream celebration. 

amaarae roses are red tears are blue a fountain baby extended play Cover Art

Unlike the original, the Deluxe features two artists, Naomi Sharon and 6LACK, with seven new songs, on Wanted and Disguise, respectively. The Deluxe follows the same flow and mood as the original, with a more upbeat touch and some afrobeat and alté blends to give listeners something to bop to during the summer. 

While the tape boasts some great songs that touch on various themes from self-love, God, sensuality, and affirmations, the standout song is arguably THUG, an acronym that is a reference from the ongoing YSL trial in which THUG was explained as (Truly Humble Under God. Knowing how much of a Young Thug admirer Amaarae is, the song feels wholesome. However, listening to the song, it is evident that Ama is truly humble under God. The song could easily pass for a gospel song. At its core, the song is a prayer (Amaarae’s Prayer) and an acknowledgment of what God has done for her and her career. 

From a “Bad Bitch Whisperer” to a global popstar, Amaarae has always been true to her sound and creativity. The intentionality behind crafting songs that are reflective of her lifestyle has always made her a fan favorite. Exuding confidence through her lyricism and emitting sensuality, this project adds to Amaarae’s exceptional discography. 

If you ever need to inject some self-confidence, affirmations, and sexiness, then Amaarae’s Roses are Red, Tears of Blue Project is just what you need. 

Written By Nana Kojo Mula.

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