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On Rotation: Songs You Need In Your Life This Week

Every week, the iMullar staff rounds up ten songs we cannot stop listening to, thus forming the weekly list of songs known as “On Rotation.” You heard these recommendations here first. From the UK to Nigeria, each track from this week’s selections is guaranteed to be a vibe.

1. Victoria Kimani – INCONSISTENT

Victoria captures the frustrated lover perfectly with this track. With layered lyrics conveying a heavy message that resonates with dejected lovers worldwide, this track has the potential a summer break up anthem.

2. ShineTTW – Babito

ShineTTW comes through this summer for the hopeless romantics. For the lover boys, you have an anthem for the year, so let the shot shooting begin.

3. Teemanay – Call Me

The say sharing music with your love interest is love language. So if you want to send a message and share your love simultaneously, this is the song for you.

4. Aurha – Feel Alive

This one of songs that everybody can relate with it 100%. Life is meant lived to the fullest and the best way to do it is find your purpose. Aurha, with entracing vocals and melodies, speaks to her listeners about what she truly wants in life; and that is to feel alive.

5. Fena Gitu – Mali Safi

A catchy track that also serves as a strong reminder that music is a universal language and regardless of what language a song is primarily sang in, one cannot resist its call to listen and tap into its rhythm.

6. Sons of Sonix, WES7AR 22, Teni – Find Money

If you’re dealing with the harsh struggles of life and you need a daily motivational track to keep you going, then Sons of Sonix got you covered with this release. Teni and WES7AR 22’s vocal synergy and melodies will have you keeping this song on a loop all day long.

7. VERBB – iykyk.

It starts with foot-stomping, slowly coarsing all over your body, and before you realise, you are doing the shoki in your living room. A dance track with a catchy hook that will have you dancing from the moment you tap “play” till the beat fades in the background.

8. FADU – Ride 4 U

Amidst the constant chaos that comes with our everyday lives, if you want to stay in touch with softer side, then this is the track for you.

9. GA – Want Me Back

On a vibrant Amapiano-themed track, the artist is speaking to her partner in denial. A roundabout way of confessing her feelings to her love interest which I believe is the recurring theme in most modern day relationships; which is confirming your partner’s feelings before readily speaking out on yours.

10. Keziah Mallam – Floating

This single from Keziah is very calming. The vocals, melodies, harmonies and blend together to give the listener a warm feeling with every listen. A very good therapeutic song.

On Rotation is your weekly dose of musical geniuses to your library. Our editors update this playlist frequently, so if you see something you like, go ahead and add it to your library.

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