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Bagetti Shines on New Single ‘Hard Girl’ and Announces Debut EP ‘New Dawn’

Jonzing World has always been a reliable pipeline for churning out sensational talents. After the impressive success of Rema and Ruger, D Prince’s Jonzing World onboarded two new artists Gdzilla and Glorious to continue the label’s fine record. 

After rolling out four male artists in 5 years, Jonzing World now adds a female artiste, Bagetti to its roaster. Before the unveiling, Bagetti’s music had already created a significant impression around the industry. From a meme song on TikTok and radios running 30-second snippets to DJs, everyone who got a peek into her talent was instantly captivated by the refreshing sound and her potential to become one of the stars whose music will shape the future of Nigerian music. 

Before the release of her debut single, Bagetti’s music is already inspiring curiosity in listeners courtesy of disc jockeys like Dope Caesar, DJ Nana and DJ Rania who include her song in their sets. The wait is over as Jonzing World’s first-ever female artist Bagetti releases her introductory single ‘Hard Girl’  with her debut EP “New Dawn” to follow on March 15th.

‘Hard Girl’ is a pulsating, hip-grinding track that re-explores what typically makes up a break-up song, excelling at singing about the intricacies of how to handle breakups in a relationship, a feat she handles with the maturity that showcases her songwriting prowess, breathtaking genre-fusing, and superstar persona.         

Listeners won’t have to wait long to get a comprehensive view of Bagetti’s talent, as her debut EP arrives on March 15th under Jonzing World in partnership with Virgin Music Group. 

Listen to Hard Girl Here and pre-save her debut EP here


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Ayomide Sanyaolu, known by her stage name “Bagetti,” is an extraordinary Afrobeat artist from the vibrant cultural hub of Lagos State, Nigeria. 

Her musical journey started in 2015, and ever since, she has been weaving soulful melodies and irresistible rhythms into her genre-defying music. 

As Bagetti, she possesses a profound mission to be an agent of positive change and unity through her socially conscious lyrics. Her music is more than just a captivating sound; it’s a catalyst for fostering understanding and celebrating the rich tapestry of human diversity.

Her vision for the future is clear: to inspire and uplift, to promote harmony and diversity, and to use the universal language of music to make a lasting impact. 

Bagetti’s journey has just begun, and her inspiring melodies will continue to resonate and inspire change worldwide.

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