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On Rotation: Songs You Need In Your Life This Week

Every week, the iMullar staff rounds up ten songs we cannot stop listening to, thus forming the weekly list of songs known as “On Rotation.” You heard these recommendations here first. From the UK to Nigeria, each track from this week’s selections is guaranteed to be a vibe.

1. Bien – I Want You

There are no limited, specific ways to let your partner know how you feel about them. Bien brings another anthem to the hopeless romantics out there.

2. Eeshii The Free – Al Lailo Lana

Eeshii The Free has a unique way in which he defines and approaches music. Always brings out a different layer of himself on every song he makes. Definitely an artist to check out.

3. Groovy Jo feat. Asum Garvey – Hekaya

Groovy shows off her versatility on this track. She sings and raps while switching flows on a calm reggae beat. 

4. Asari Music – You Won’t Go

Asari on her second ever track sings to her lover about how toxic they are towards her. Her emotions are felt in her vocals, breaking at certain points driving her message to her lover and the audience as well.

5. Kojo Trap x Xlimkid – No More

Kojo Trap collaborates with Xlimkid as they take a deep dive into the complexities of striving for success in a world filled with distractions and the ever-present challenge of discerning whom to trust.

6. JayO – So Sweet

On a vibrant production, JayO sings about how her lover’s soft and sweet side brings out his soft side too

7. Tirio Mio ft Breeder LW – Hazardous Remix

Trio Mio brings out his wild side on this track. The dancehall beat and with a catchy hook gets you intrigued and makes you move your body till the end.

8. Bruce Melodie  – Azana (Agati)

One of the tracks you want to wake up to every day. An all round feel-good song. 

9. Tendai – Tried To Fly

On this mellow beat, Tendai talks about his shortcomings on the venture he tried to undertake. In his words, “I tried to fly, I’m falling” which to our understanding means he tried to chase a dream, but fell short.

10. Che Lingo – Fighting Giants

Talks about his struggles, attributing the weight of it to that of Giants. His flows are so clean, each word enunciated to make his audience understand just exactly what he wants to say.

On Rotation is your weekly dose of musical geniuses to your library. Our editors update this playlist frequently, so if you see something you like, go ahead and add it to your library.

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