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Fridays are the gateway to The Weekend and what is a Good Friday without some new songs to jam to? We bring you new sounds this and every Friday to launch you into the weekend so whenever you hear these songs playing at your favorite spot, don’t forget who put you on…

● Cina Soul – Plenty Evil

Right in time for what’s happening in Ghana and the world, Cina Soul has released a new single that resonates deeply with me and many other listeners. The song titled “Plenty Evil” is a call to persevere and stay strong regardless of harsh conditions and any form of difficulties. Cina is delivering a message of hope, one that we all need right now. 


Instagram: @cina_soul


● Manifest – 50 YEARS Freestyle

In honor of Hip Hop at 50, M.anifest has released freestyle, paying respect to the evolution of hip hop. In the track, he made reference to hip-hop icons like 2pac, Nas, The Notorious B.I.G, The Fugees, LL Cool J, and the Wu-Tang Clan to name a few. M.anifest carefully crafts his verses to a genre that he himself has come to contribute significantly to. As the wordsmith that he is, his skill allows him to craft a worthy tribute to Hip Hop’s enduring legacy as it celebrates 50 years this year.


Instagram: @manifestive

Twitter: @manifestive

● Sefa – Vibration

Before this release, Sefa had been MIA for a while and I was 100% certain her return was gonna come with a banger. Not many people get to feature music icons in the early stages of their career but Sefa seems to be amongst the few as her new release VIBRATION features Freddy Meiway, the Zoblazo hitmaker. If you know Sefa’s music and you listened to Zoblazo back in the day, then you know what to prepare yourself for. Get your dancing shoes and get ready to bust some hard moves. 



Twitter: @s3fa_gh

● Lady Donli – Pan African Rockstar

No better way to make a comeback after 4 years than releasing a project titled, “Pan African Rockstar.” This highly anticipated project showcases her emergence as a confident artist, fusing Afrobeat, funk, rock, and dancehall into a captivating sound. The album which features the singles ‘Your Fantasy’ ‘Plenty Plenty Things’ `My Ability”, “Hello Lady” and some collaborations further solidifies Lady Donli’s position as a powerhouse in the music industry, pushing boundaries and celebrating Pan-African unity.


Instagram: @ladydonli

Twitter: @LadyDonli

● Uche B, YEVÜ – Diamond Riddim

Who gives Uche B the right to be making these beats? I need answers because he and YEVÜ went a little too hard on this one, they got me searching YouTube for the latest amapiano dance moves because wherever I hear this sound… I am definitely going crazy. Not too many words to be said on DIAMOND RIDDIM, you just need to hear it for yourself and thank me later!!!


Instagram: @uche_b

● Moor Sound  – Emergency (911)

911, what’s the EMERGENCY? It’s Moor Sound’s new release. “Emergency” is more than just a song; it’s a reflection of Moor Sound’s dynamic lifestyle and artistic flair. Quoted for saying: “I like making music for women to dance to,” the track embodies his affinity for the good life, music, and the euphoric moments. The lyrics resound with his passion for the nightlife, exuding a contagious enthusiasm that invites listeners to join the party.


Instagram: @moorsound


● Premium – Love Garden ft. Simple Don

2023 has not seen the last of Premium; he still has another one in him. Let’s get into the ‘Love Garden,’ a collaboration with Simple Don. The tender song, inspired by his recent trip to Ghana, is a splendid reminder of how remarkable the Shapmusic frontman is. Together with Simple Don, Premium offers a cathartic experience to anyone caught in love’s embrace. 


Twitter: @Justpremium_

Instagram: justpremium__

● Lesdo ft. Gidochi – Can’t Get Enough

After dazzling fans with the infectious rhythm of ‘Darling’ a year ago, Lesdo is back buzzing again, this time with ‘Can’t Get Enough’ – a groovy Afrobeats anthem and certain chart-topper, made perfect by the addition of Gidochi’s soulful vocals. The Craytunes-produced ‘Can’t Get Enough’ is the newest to receive his magic touch. It is a beautiful song that delves into the depths of love, with Lesdo and Gidochi trading lulling verses and harmonies about their feelings.


Instagram: lesdo_joey

Twitter: @_lesdo

● Kwame Yesu – Libation

Kwame Yesu drops another afro hip-hop filled single titled “Libation”. As the hook goes “Know say we come from far…” Yesu tries to explain how he’s been doing this for a long time now and needs no permission to do the things he does. Libation is a song from his forthcoming Extended Play (EP). Kwame Yesu delivers this performance with energy telling us he’s a god in this music space and needs to be honored duly.


Instagram: @kwame_ysu

Twitter: @kwame_ysu

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